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Shop Halo engagement rings-Make your diamond look bigger.

All the Milestones of Halo engagement rings Design

The halo design has come a long way since its first day in the store. After the first one, scores of halo designs were floated out to interest the buyers. For those who haven’t watched the halo design through its years of evolution may have missed it metamorphosis from the classic halo to the modern version. With that in aim, we bring to you a brief history of halo as we know it today. In the following lines, I’ve attempted to condense the journey of halo over the past years by offering a glimpse of the most coveted halo engagement ring designs.

The Original Sparkling Halo

The classic halo engagement rings

Also known as the classic, the sparkling halo is halo at its most bare bone state. Featuring a single line of diamonds that coil around the center stone to create a halo-like effect, these halo engagement rings is the earliest known halo in the market. It produces a low radiance, is a bit skinny and is quite simple, but in the ultimate effect it produces, it outdoes many other kinds of designs. However, this design is not for those who are looking to aggrandize their rings boldly and conspicuously. Ladies from around the world share a common love and admiration for the classic halo.

The Milgrain Halo

Milgrained Halo Engagement Rings

For those of you who aren’t familiar with a milgrain halo, is a vintage-inspired design that features a halo with a signature element from antique jewels. Milgrain is a design that is an array of small grain-like dots that bordered jewelries in old times. These halo engagement rings revives that trend by syncing it with the halo design. The milgrain halo’s most unique feature is the metal dots that line the edges of the piece which evokes a perceivable vintage quality. This is an excellent pick unless you are thinking double or triple halos.

The Pave-Set Halo

Pave set halo ring

Pave-set rings are an attraction to women of all ages. Their intense shine and radiance casts a spell on all who takes a look at it. This halo design makes use of that sparkling setting to create a style that will leave you instantly spellbound. This halo features diamonds French paved to create a seamless dazzling effect. Proper and visible contouring prevents the sparkle from spilling over to the side of showy and tasteless. The pave-set halo engagement rings are an exemplar of refined and sophisticated jewelry that flatters the taste of the most fastidious buyers.

The Wavy Halo

Wavy halo engagement ring

If you are looking for halo engagement rings that deviate from its usual roundness, then this is it. The wavy halo is otherwise a plain halo with four interjections in the form of prongs that emerge from the outside and falls over the halo cutting it in four places, slicing the circle into four segments. That creates a wave throughout the circle which makes it a wavy halo. Some like to spruce it further with a hidden row of diamonds on the side. That creates dimension while minimizing metal exposure. The wavy halo is a clear departure of the original halo. It is modernization of the age-old concept into something that is both unique and reminiscent of the halo design. So, if you don’t mind moving a bit away from the convention and yet stay in touch with the tradition, then this is a very good pick.

The beauty of halo rings is that they can be customized at will. There is plenty of room for creativity even with the most basic halos. For instance, you can customize a ring with round and cushion cut diamonds to have similar halos, but you can also fit these two halo with princess and Asscher cut gems too. That’s not all, there are options with other shapes too. You can customize an emerald cut stone with an oval halo too if you like, aside from a matching halo. For ovals, pears and Marquise however, there aren’t much leeway for customization of the halo shapes.
Every halo can be refashioned to a low or high profile setting. In case of low-profile halos, the wedding band needs to be curved to contour the gallery structure. For a high profile ring however, there is no such need because the gem and the halo flashes on their own without any help

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