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Diamonds At A Discount! Can It Get Any Better?

Hurray! Spring is in the air! You will find crowds who are intent on finishing their shopping early on. Wow! What a fabulous discount on offer! This happens to be a common feeling that is associated with joy. Most shoppers love the special feeling that comes from getting a bargain while buying the things that they would have bought anyway. The elation on getting more for less is indeed unparalleled.

Well, this psychology works every time. There are shops offering discounts throughout the year with the only difference being in the amount and then there are the ones that offer special rebates on special occasions such as Thanksgiving or Valentine’s Day. Sure, you would love to make your significant other feel special. You may want to present her with a diamond ring but are wary of the price. The sight of a discount would end your anxieties and propel you towards the counter clutching a pretty ring that has become affordable thanks to a whopping discount.

The practice of offering discount coupons started way back in 1887 when Coca Cola created history by distributing vouchers that enabled the customers to qualify for a free Coke. The act caught on and soon became history. The process still works with every brand offering rebates, discounts and promotional vouchers to enhance their customer base. It is a simple trick that affects the psyche of the customers and has come to be a recognized form of brand introduction and spreading awareness that remains highly successful to date.
Surely, the buyers cannot be termed as ignorant people who rush to avail such discounts everywhere in the world? Well, the scientists have uncovered certain trends that reflect on customer behavior and the common psychology. Here are a few facts that will help to understand exactly what compels a visitor to buy discounted products in spite of being slightly skeptical.

It makes you happy – Studies have revealed that a customer who receives even a minuscule amount of $10 slashed off the asking price become intensely happy. Your health improves with the heart rate decreasing considerably and the sweat reducing 20% more in comparison to other customers who failed to receive a coupon. You relax therefore and the stress levels fall accordingly. Sometimes simply finding a promotional mail offering discounts for popular brands such as diamond-USA can initiate a mad rush for purchasing the said product.

You do not change your mind – You will not mind buying an unknown product when there is a discount, however small it may be. There is thus a reasonable increase of revenue for the company as the customers have no qualms taking such a risk. The very fact that it comes at a discounted price is enough to make you feel that the money has been well spent. You end your buying spree by promising yourself to come back for more.
Discounts and deals result in word of mouth promotions that can soon turn into a huge queue with customers including you clamoring to buy diamonds at unimaginable prices.

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