A Tutorial for Mixing and Matching Jewelries

Glamming up into a diva is not a day’s work. It requires more brain work than you know. The thing about jewelries is that they are the finishing strokes of an attire. While that is not to say that they come at the end, but, in that, they complete any outfit. Jewelries can turn simple, and rather plain outfits into snazzy ones, and tone down overly gorgeous clothes into ones that look tasteful. Now, achieving all that through mix and match of jewelries is not an easy thing to do. It happens only when you have absolute clarity and unchecked control over what you are doing. For starters however, a little touch of imagination goes a long way. So, with lots of perseverance, and a little help from outside, and you are golden.

eparate the Gold from the Silver

The traditional way of mixing and matching jewelries is to wear your gold with gold and your silver with silver. That rules out any chance of a fashion faux pas. Although now considered quite conservative approach to mixing and matching, this style is still in vogue. In fact, it is still a part of high fashion to team up all your golden jewelries with one another and leave the silver and rose ones out to pair with their own kinds respectively. This style goes best when dressing for conservative ceremonies, formal parties and events when there is a black-tie code of dressing. Single-colored metals may make a predictable suite, but a very sophisticated one, if you can put the right pieces together.

Another Way to Go

The other and more fashionable way to mix and match your jewelries is to combine your metals. Start with something safe like putting your gold and silver rings together in consecutive fingers in one hand. They are a little fashion forward that way but is definitely worth a try. You can use a little separator in between if you like, but putting them together side by side is a nice way of shuffling up an interesting combination. If you are not a ring person, then sample gold earrings with silver bracelets or vice versa. Do not use something too petite with something too bulky. Both should show to give away the color conflict.

Metals with Beads

Just metals can sometimes get boring and bling. So, here is a little trick to break the monotony. Layer your jewelries up. For every metal jewelry you put on, back that up with a pearl or bead bauble, and personalize as you go. This rule applies to bracelets and bangles, as it does to necklaces and even earrings. Just pearl or just metals can fail to achieve the kind of result one would expect. To that end, update the combination with a conspicuous, but controlled introduction of something different. Layer it up as you go. This gives the classical style the modern twist.

A Theme in Sight

Know your theme well. Every ensemble should have a theme and the choices of mix and match should rest on that. Vintage or traditional, modern or classic, whatever you are looking to conjure, be sure of it right from go. Because on that depends the choice of colors, the coordination and how you wear your jewelry. A brilliant idea of color coordination in a theme is to take a color or two out of your neckpieces and add a jewelry of that color to the suite. This makes the arrangement as unique as possible. In that style, you can make repetitions to create themes such as, floral, geometric, spiral, chains and what not. A very cohesive look can be achieved if you have a definite idea of a theme in mind.

Layering Your Pieces

Layering is the best way to achieve a brilliant combination without overcrowding the areas. Layering is a style that goes with everything, from necklaces to belly chains and more. Stack rings have made it possible for ladies to wear more than one ring in one finger. Knuckle rings add to the benefit. As for necklaces, the more the merrier. Layer your necklaces real nice by putting together neck chains of different heights. They do not always have to be hung in order. Disarray is a style too in necklaces. Tangle them together and wear them all at once, such that it looks like a single piece. You can further beef up an arrangement of layering by adding long strands of necklaces. Stacking is a possible prospecting bracelets too. In that, you also have the liberty to mix and match metals. Pair gold with silver and stack them all up together to create something trendy. To add a touch of difference to it, put a watch in your bracelet arm and let that all stack up together.

Know What Works with What

There is one thing about jewelries that almost never get adequately focused is the match. Not all pieces go well together. In fact, you need everything at once to look gorgeous. So fight the temptation of putting on all your best jewelries at once real hard. When you have a gorgeous neckpiece on, spare the ears. If you want to put on your danglers for the evening, then do not bother about the bare neck. The earrings will take care of it. Similarly, there are hardly times when a ring is needed to be worn with a bracelet. In most cases, they are interchangeable. Fora sleeve that reaches up to the lower part of the elbow, a ring is just great. For short sleeves or no sleeves, you have the liberty to wear a chunky bracelet and spare the ring.
Mixing and matching jewelries require days of hard thinking and trend following. Keep raking up ideas of magazines and people around you, and one fine day, you will know that you have developed your own unique style. Once you learn the rights and wrongs of accessorizing, you are good to go all by yourself.

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