How to Dress for a Party-From Bracelets to Bling Diamond Earrings

Putting together an ensemble that will have people stop to look is no mean feat. It’s something fashion consultants are paid to do. So, it’s no big deal if you do not quite get there in your first attempt. It takes multiple years to develop a full-formed sense of fashion, and what with the trends changing all the time, the concepts get fluid and flowing. So, here is a little help for all those party ladies who are trying to bring together a striking ensemble that will leave the crowd wowed anther back. Please be aware that this guide is principally focused on jewelries and how appropriately they accessorize party glad rags.

Bling Earrings

Shiny golden earrings are not a mark of garishly loud taste. In fact, golden ear cuffs, hoops and haggis are some of the season’s most coveted pieces. There are very many styles that have been imprinted in these classic earrings to stamp them as contemporary. Most of them you’ll like if you do not mind a little colors in your ornaments. These bling earrings are devoid of gems, but not colors. Summer is here and it has brought with it a galore of colors. Some of the brightest summery hues can be seen on bling earrings. Design details include serrations and migraines along the edge, striations at the center and such. They come in many different colors, both hot and mild. However, irrespective of the shades, the rings areal bling.  These earrings make the perfect pair for bright summer dresses and even haute couture gowns sewn with crepe and such body-hugging fabrics.

Glam Rings

Ladies, your undying love forges is about to get reciprocated. This year, gem studded rings are the biggest thing in the jewelry section. Rings lain with chunky monotone gems is what’s giving the trends a spin. These rings are going around by the name of glam rings because of their sparkly appearance and abundant use of gems. But unlike cluster rings where tiny pieces of gems are laid side by side to create a pattern or motif, these ones are minimal and uncomplicated. The stones are placed abreast to create a glittering line of gems. Customizable as they are, you can choose your favorite gem to show up in the ring. The glam rings are the new cocktail rings. So, team them up with your little black dress or something little saucier and it will still hold up well.

Gold and Silver Together

Silver and gold mixed right in is the new language of jewelry in this century. Although dual-toned jewelries have existed before, this year, they saw a renewed instating of this style. If you buy jewelry often, then you already have two-toned pieces in your treasure collection. If not, it’s time to go grab one now. The mix of yellow gold and silver is not exactly something novel. What is the merge of rose and white gold? Other silver toned materials have also been matched up with contrasting gold tones to crack up something warm and interesting. The mix is now showing up in areas other than rings. Danglers, pendants and bracelets curved with two metals are gradually gaining ground in the galleries. The beauty of these pieces is that they can spice up any monotone dresses. Pick them to go with any of your solid colored party dresses and you will hardly need another item of jewelry. 

Wild Bangles

If pelts always gave you the guilt pangs, then here is a guilt-free way to embrace the animal theme in fashion. A certain style of wild bangles are making news in the jewelry world lately. Made of gold, platinum, silver and other ornaments, these bangles feature tiger and leopard overlays. Available in both round, square and hexagonal shapes, these pieces come with a high polish on top. The laminated leopard and tiger bangles add to the jewelries a new dimension that was amiss before. The introduction of animal prints in jewelries is perhaps one of the most significant moments in the history of contemporary jewelry. Seize the moment while grabbing yourself one or a set of these wild bangles. They go with animal print gowns, fancy stops and even long flowing gowns.

Ocean Colors

Another element in jewelry that has surfaced this year is the shades of ocean. Blue gems are back and they are everywhere. When colored gems rose to fashion, blue was one of the most prominent entries on the list. Soon, the color sore up knocking others out of the way. As of now, it is the most popular colored gem. Worry not about the expense that will bring because blue is not so rare in gems other than diamonds. Blue diamonds are cripplingly expensive, true, but there is a way around that. Blue sapphires, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, tanzanite, zircon, tourmaline are the names of a few alternatives that are ruling the market at this point. These inexpensive stones present the chance for common buyers to acquire more blue ornaments at the cost of one astronomically expensive one. Blue rings, necklaces and earrings go with all analogous and contrasting colors. They match with dresses in colors like pink, white, black, green, red and even blue.

Grandma’s Jewelries

Another style of jewelry that is back in fashion this year is vintage jewelries. They are worth a mention in party pieces because the jewelers at this point are taking a sharp interest in borrowing design ideas from these ancient pieces. If you are not lucky when it comes to precious heirlooms, there is no reason to despair. Vintage-inspired pieces are so banal these days. The finest imitations are almost impossible to separate from a real antique jewelry. And you guessed it right, they do match with party dress. And to answer your question, these jewelries go best with long, flappy gowns in colors like black, ivory, sage and other eye-pleasing colors.
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