The Prized 3 Carat Diamond ring

The Prized 3 Carat Diamond ring

Diamond prices are changing every day. What’s interesting is the price difference per carat. While a diamond can be pricier by $1000 per carat, it could be $11,000 for another. Moreover, the price of a diamond increases not just with carat, but also its price per carat. So both weight and price play a fiddle in determining the final price of a diamond of a certain carat.
One thing that’s in popular demand these days is a nearly 3 carat diamond. Now what makes this diamond carat weight so coveted is that it’s at a perfect midpoint. 3 Carat is neither too chunky, nor too skinny, and mostly within the affordability of an average buyer. Now the rising popularity hasn’t done good for the affordable price of a 3-carat diamond. The demand has shored up the price, and that has taken it off the list of affordable diamond sizes in the market. Also, with diamond cutting becoming more and more precise, diamonds hardly come in that near 3 carat zone anymore. It’s either 3 carats sharp or more.
However, buyers are welcome to continue their search for the famed 2.90 carat diamond, but ultimately that will narrow down their choices by a significant measure. Instead, read through this article to find some tips to buying a 3-carat diamond ring at minimum price.

2 carat VS 3 carat

Carat and Size
One thing a buyer needs to start their research with is understanding the difference between carat weight and size. Those are not the same. Carat is the weight, and size is the visual dimensions of a diamond. The carat is not always commensurate with the size. For example, a diamond that looks big is not necessarily a high carat diamond. Certain geometric aspects like the table, depth and shapes aren’t influenced by the carat weight of a stone. They are independent on the carat, only correlated to the shape and cut. These twin factors can make a diamond appear bigger or smaller than their carat weight.
This logic proves why a 3-carat oval cut diamond is visibly bigger than a brilliant cut diamond of the same size. Although both are excellent in their own ways, their sizes are different despite the same carat weight. Even the slightest difference in carat can make huge changes to the size of a stone.
That’s why it’s always advised to explore multiple options when choosing a diamond of a certain shape and carat.
Diamond Shape Approximate Table Surface Measures for 3 Carat:
Round Brilliant Cut   9.4×9.4 mm
Princess Cut   8x8  mm
Emerald Cut  9.7×7.1 mm
Asscher Cut  8.1×8.1 mm
Radiant Cut   8.33×8.33 mm
Cushion Cut  8.4×8.4 mm
Oval Diamond   11×8 mm
Pear Shaped Diamond  13×7.80 mm
Heart Shaped Diamond   9.5×9.5 mm
Marquise Diamond  15×7.50 mm
Trillion Diamond  11×11 mm

Recommended Shapes for a 3 Carat Diamond ring
If you are looking for an exquisite 3 carat diamond, then you have a plethora of choices in shape. You have round brilliant, princess and then the fancies like oval, emerald, radiant, Marquis, pear, trillion and such. Those looking for bigger size diamonds should stay restricted to cuts with larger table size. Trillion, Marquis, pear and oval are great options for that.
How to Get More Bang for Your Buck?
If the goal is to get the best value against your investment, there are two things that should be taken into focus. First, the elements that enhance the beauty of a diamond, and second the elements that do not. Experts advise buyers to spend on the first and scale back on the latter. For this, you need to see the diamonds and pick. Do not shop at a store where the seller upsells a diamond or tries to mislead you. Trust only the lab report.
For a 3-carat diamond of excellent brilliance, you want to choose a shape that speaks most to you. Also pick a setting that does justice to the beauty of the shape.
·  Always choose an ideal cut stone, or at least Excellent cut. This is where you do not want to skimp when brilliance and shine are priorities.
·  Also go up the scale a little when it comes to clarity. You want to stay limited to the grades VS1, VS2 and SI1. These are the grades where all the best eye-clear diamonds are found.
·  In color, the most cost-saving grades are G to I. Without magnification these stones are about as colorless as those between D and F.
·  The best way to save big on diamonds is to buy them online from a trusted dealer.
Side Note
When seeking a 3-carat diamond ring, you must bear in mind that there are solitaire rings that feature a full 3 carat diamond and others which collectively feature 3 carat diamonds. In the case of the latter, the center diamond might be well below 3 carats, depending upon the use of smaller diamonds. So, if you are after a 3 carat center stone, it’s always best to go with a solitaire. For other styles, make it known to the seller that you want the center stone to be 3 carats, so that they can customize it accordingly.

3 carat diamond ring in yellow gold

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