What Does the Cut of Your Diamond Say about You?

What Does the Cut of Your Diamond Say about You?
Diamonds are cut into many shapes, some very simple, and some overly complicated. Quite interestingly, the cut of a diamond is not all about aesthetics and compatibility with concepts. Every cut is a definitive indicant of the characteristic traits of the person who picks it. So, the diamond you wear is more than just a sparkler, it’s a window to understanding your personality, and anybody who knows how to read it knows more about your tastes and preferences than you think. Let’s take a look at what the 6 most popular cuts of diamonds say about the personalities of their wearers. 

Round: Round is the most popular cut a diamond can be sculpted in. It is a brilliant cut and that explains the striking blaze of the stone, even in natural light. It is contemporary, but timeless, modern, but classic. A round diamond can’t simply be the wrong pick for anybody, no matter what their style and preference is. If you are in love with round-cut diamonds, that says you are an organized person. You like to be well-read and well-advised. You are not exactly the daring and experimental kind, but more like, play by the rules kind.

Princess: A phenomenally popular cut in bridal jewelry, a princess cut is the only style that seconds the popularity of round diamonds. If a princess cut is what you like, you are who finds excitement in experiments. You are driven by a strong and constant will to prove yourself.

Oval: An oval stone is purposed to conjure the illusion of greater mass when there really isn’t. Oval diamonds are generally flat and long, a shape that cutters take advantage of to make small stones look big. The lengthening effect of the stone makes fingers look slender. If this is your pick, you are a creative person, who is not only innovative in her thoughts and pursuits, but is also quite bold in her choice.

Heart: Heart is the universal symbol of love and innocence. Anybody choosing a heart-cut diamond has to be a very sensitive individual. You are romantic at heart and are often sentimental about people and things that matter most to you. You like to have a little romance in your life because it makes you feel special and gives your imagination a lift.

Marquise: The marquis-cut is not very different from oval-cut. The only real difference that sets a marquis-cut stone apart is the pointy top and bottom and the tapered sides. It’s a lean form that makes the fingers appear lender. If a marquis cut is what you like, then you are an extrovert person. You love innovation and is motivated by your passion and ambition.

Pear: Pear cut is admired most for one reason among others. It is the incredible fluidity of the shape that makes the cut look so attractive. With the apex upward, it looks like a raindrop. Anybody who choose a pear shaped diamond is fun and adventurous by nature.
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