Jewelries That a Bridesmaid Should Wear

If you are a bridesmaid to a close friend’s or sister’swedding, you had better start working on your attire. If you have seen thebridesmaid’s dress already, and it’s anything less than hideous, then you arethe lucky one. I’ve seen so many abysmal bridesmaid dresses in my 25 years oflife that I can’t seem to get my hopes up there. Anyhow, however elegant orridiculous the dress is, there is still a chance of redeeming the fashion. How?It’s because, unlike the bride who has so many restrictions and limitationswhen it comes to picking jewelries, bridesmaids don’t. That doesn’t mean youcan pick what you like, but you do have the freedom to mix and match, somethingbrides are strictly advised against.

Let’s take you through some of the guidelines of pickingjewelries when dressing up as a bridesmaid. Honestly, there is no formula tosuccessful accessorizing that applies strictly to bridesmaids. But there aresome general rules of dressing that can help you find what you want with yourparticular dress.

Jewels to Go with YourDress

Wedding traditions have changed vastly over time. One of themost striking changes is the dress styles of bridesmaids. In some weddings, thegirls wear similar dresses while in others, the dresses vary in style or fabricwhile the color remains the same. If your dress is different from others, you arefree to diverge from others in your selection of jewelries. For any peachycolored dress, pick gold jewelry because the warm tones accentuate the softblush of the fabric all the same asserting the gorgeousness of the jewelries. Ifit’s ivory, gold again. For brighter colors like hot pink, magenta, blue andgreen, try rose gold ornaments. The mild blush of the metal will only flatterthe color in the dress, making the contrast more apparent to the eyes. Thefinal picture that comes along is quite pretty.

Classic or Modern

The next thing to decide is the style of jewelry you want,which depends entirely on the dress you have got. If it’s a classic bridesmaidgown, then pair it up with some vintage to classic baubles. If it’s modern,find something in your collection to go with the dress. For a traditional gown,look for pieces like a monogrammed pendant or a solitaire diamond or emeraldpendant. A solitaire pearl pendant also works great with any color gown. If youhappen to have some heirloom jewelries from your mother or grandmother, youwill find something to match that description. If not, look in thevintage-inspired section. You will be amazed by the enormity of the collectionas well as the precision of the imitation.

For a more modern twist, try layering necklaces or stackingbangles or rings. Another thing that is the hallmark of modern jewelry isgeometrical shapes that were not seen before. Linked squares, upturnedtriangles, etc., are some of the examples. These styles work great with moderngowns. So, if you think you carry something like that off and that it goes wellwith your dress, pick a set. That could include a neckpiece, a pair of earringsand a bangle, or just earrings and a bracelet. Whichever you choose, be sure toput together a bracelet with a ring or a necklace with danglers. You can onlyhave either one or the other, if you want to find make a balance.

A Little Different

To add a spin to your attire, you can also go a differentpath. Pick something that is a departure from everything else you have so farseen in a wedding. For instance, instead of the regular necklace and bracelet,go for an anklet, or a very aesthetic pin to attach to your dress. A tiara or adecorative hairpin works great too to stand out of the rest of the crown andlook striking. The very specific requirement of this however is that you cannotdisrespect the color codes. Even if you manage to lay your hands on aswoon-worthy vintage brooch, do not make haste in making it a part of youroutfit unless the colors work together.

Gemstones Jewelry

That brings us to the final point of our discussion,gemstones. Knowing how much in fashion these dazzling beauties are these days,there is no way of thinking around them. Diamonds have nowadays becomesynonymous with jewelries. So, unless you have a definite aversion to them, youmust not think jewelries and not think diamonds.

Fans of colors are free to think of any gem jewelry thatcatches their eyes. Aside diamonds, a bunch of other gemstones are high infashion these days- Emeralds, rubies, sapphires to name a few. However, thechoice of color should be made as wisely as possible. There are two ways to goabout this- pick gems of colors analogous to the color of your gown, orsomething that is in definite contrast to it. Both could work, depending onwhat colors you choose. You can imagine that a colorless diamond necklace or adiamond solitaire ring would easily go with a satin or crepe blue bridesmaiddress. What other colors go with the mentioned gown? Aquamarine from theanalogous shade.

For golden gowns (sorry girls), try yellow sapphire which hasa burning blaze, but a transparency that a silk or satin yellow gown couldsurely use. For colors like magenta and pink, try rubies if you want to go withmatching colored gems. Otherwise, try achromatic diamonds as they seem to workgreat with pretty much colors possible. The idea is to create a spark or anagreement between the colors. As long as you can achieve that, you can testyour imagination.

As for any specific kind of jewelry that a bridesmaid mustwear, there is nothing set in stone. Wear whatever you like, but stop to matchit up with your gown to complete your ensemble in the nicest way possible. 

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