Wedding Day Jewelries for the Bride

So your day is finally here and your mind, for some reason, is not as clear as it needs be in a moment like this? It’s probably because you are excited, and stressed all at the same time, with all the things going on around you. Wedding is arguably one of the most stressful days of one’s life. Whether it’s a minor mess-up or a monumental fix, let’s face it, the effect is manifolds on the bride and the groom than anybody else. But, it is what it is. If you can’t change that, better go through with it and enjoy as much as you can along the way. So, if your wedding day is closing in and you are yet to pick your jewelries, here is a little help to get your hare brain working.

Think Plain, Think Minimal
Even though it’s your wedding, and particularly because your wedding day, it is critical that you stop yourself from overdoing it. Going overboard when it comes to jewelries for one’s wedding is the easiest misstep possible, and is the first transgression of the first commandment of wedding fashion. The way to approach is to think minimal. Don’t get tempted to pick that embellished set of chandelier earrings or that really pricey Rivera necklace, just because it’s your day. No, the idea of wedding jewelries is not to flatter, but complement your attire. So, by any standard, “less is more in jewelries”.
A delicate and dainty suite of jewelries will get your foot in the door. So don’t worry about that. Instead, worry that your jewelries do not outshine you on your wedding day. So, the first way to go about it is to stick to the essentials. Don’t get an anklet and a tiara all at the same time. The aim should be to let each piece shine bright without stealing the thunder from the other, and together make your shine.

Match Your Metals
You may have heard this before, but this time, lets dive into the details and nuances of it. If you are torn between gold and silver, then let the color of your bridal gown pick out the best match for it. There are some rules of thumb that apply to this. When your gown is white, you best available choice is platinum. Silver is not so bad either if you are looking in the more affordable sections. However, now you have a middle point between exploitatively pricey and not-so-elegant choices. White gold is a great choice of metal to go with your white wedding gown.
But, if you are the alternate bride who has picked an exotic champagne gown, don’t agonize yourself on your choice, for your best pick is yellow gold. For colors champagne and beige, gold is the best match possible. The warm tone of gold completes the antique-inspired look that these gowns evoke. Silver is just not the color to go with peachy colors, but if you still insist pick platinum baubles that are heavy on colored gems.
If it’s ivory or creamy, then once again, gold jewelry is your best option. For anybody wearing a bluish gown, think pink gold for a contrasting coordination.

Something Delicate for the Ears
For your ears, think something glamorous, but petite. What fits the description best is a pair of diamond solitaire studs. Set with a reasonably sized diamond each, these earrings are an eyeful. There is no occasion where a pair of diamond studs doesn’t work. However you do your hair, pin a pair of diamond studs to your ears for instant illumination of the face. Solitaire studs not only gravitate all attention to the face, but it also flatter the very shape and line of it, making it more pronounced and shapely. So, do not care to spend huge on a pair of chandelier or drop diamond earrings when a pair of studs do the job just fine. The point is to not wear anything too flashy that will attract the attention away from your face. That will be a crying shame on a day like this.

For Illusion Necklines, Décolletage and Other Kinds
Once again, there is a set of rules that applies to necklines and necklaces. If you go with studs, then the pairing neckpiece has to be a little on the heavy side. But that’s only one aspect of the rule. Going straight into the puzzling content of necklines, for all strapless and sweetheart necklines, you want shorter necklaces, preferably a choker or a collar. Alternately, if you decide wot go with statement earrings, you can skip this part altogether. Pull your hair away from your face and wear it in an updo. Make up for the missing necklace in that case with an outstanding bracelet or bangle or an oversize cocktail.
For dresses with V-necks, anything with a focal point like a short necklace with a sizeable pendant is great. And last but not the least, if your dress neckline is halter, or what they call a reverse halter, then skip any neckpiece. Instead, accessorize your hair with a fine comb, vine or pin to highlight the crown. In that case, you will need a little extra, like a bracelet or amulet or a ring.

Better Choose a Style Than Mix and Match
It’s easy to get swayed away by the rich collection of ornaments that punctuate the bridal section in galleries. What with the excess of choices that lay at arm’s length, it’s difficult to come to a choice without being in two-minds. However, you can actualize the best outcome only when you know for sure what you want. So, try not to experiment when picking bridal jewelries unless you are totally confident of what you are. Another thing that most people would strongly advise is to purchase the entire suite together so you can see for yourself if they work with one another. The idea is to make sure that they match well together and compliment your bridal gown.

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