Jewelries That Will Dominate the Shows in 2018

Every year, the fashion industry brings out a bunch of cool styles and trailblazers around the world set the trend for the year with those fashion wares. This year is no exception to the last and all others before it, in terms of fashion. Fashion shows and exhibits at the start of the year has already announced some of highlights in fashion that are going to rule this year. For jewelries, it’s going to be an interesting year. From what it seems standing at this point, the trends in jewelry that will punctuate this year is in many ways a departure from the last few years, but all the same, not quite.
A few examples will give you a clearer idea of the upcoming trends in jewelry this year.

Leaf Earrings: The leaf earrings are going to be a big thing this year, but shake off all images that come to your mind with that name. The leaf earrings this year are going to be quite different. For one, they are not vintage-inspired. For another, they are going to bear designs that are very modern in essence. These danglers are going to rule parties, social gatherings and the streets this year. So, if buying a pair of striking dangler is on your list this year, hold your horse till the leaf earrings start arriving at the stores. The leaf danglers are going to be the showstoppers from spring through autumn. So, you will have most of the year to sport them with your glad rags.


Picture of Gold and diamonds leaves earring danglers

Alphabet Necklaces: Moving on to a less descriptive article that is going to be on the rise this year, the alphabet bracelets are going to dominate the work wear jewelry section. Expect to see skinny chains dangled with dainty alphabet pendants in your workplace a lot this year. As some of you may know that yellow gold is going to reign this year, these necklaces will come primarily in classic gold, before other metals. Although, in all likelihood, the jewelers will have all the letters from a to z crafted for an instant assembly, you can get your pendant customized in a particular font of your choice.


Picture of Alphabet Necklace

Crystal Hoops: Hoops aren’t going anywhere, not in the next five years. So, if you are worried that you have acquired way too many of them, relax for you have plenty of time to wear before they fade out. This is however the year of crystal hoops. After diamonds and metal hoops, this variety is going to hold sway over other styles this year. It goes without saying that crystal hoops are going to be a smidge more expensive than the other kinds, but expect to see a lot of new designs and styles in these new varieties, something that will please the eyes.


Picture of Crystal Hoops

Charm Bracelets:
If you have acquired one too many charms bracelets over the years, here is a good news. This year, charms bracelets are going to go high up on the list of trends. So, make use of that to pair these pretty and delightful baubles with summer frocks, beach dresses, workwear and even party dresses. Charm bracelets are almost as versatile as cocktail rings. They go with most kinds of outfits, and if you know the formula of mix and match, then you don’t need no help to put a charm bracelet together with any ensemble. Charms have a very high sentimental feel about them, and they lend a certain character to the attire which is both girlish and fancy.


Picture of Charm Bracelets

Party Girl Earrings:
Glamour and glitz will be yours this year with a pair of these swoon-worthy party girl earrings. The name is most apropos to these glamorous earrings. Chandelier-style, gem-loaded and designed to complement nothing but only the haute couture apparels, this one is going to be your crown jewel this year. Save them for the best occasions though because the bold earrings may make you look well out of place in an ordinary setting. Once again, diamond is going to be the top choice of gems in the party girl earrings genre, but if you can make other stones work with the chosen designs, feel free to have at it.

80s Earrings: Remember the time when women embraced colors, angles and blazing designs in their jewelries to pave a path for the future designers to introduce more geometric forms into jewelries? Yes, the gorgeous 80s is back and with it, a bunch of retro earrings. This year, the earrings section is going to be punctuated with big and bold earrings from the 80s. Expect to see a pop of colors (hint hint for summer and spring seasons), lots of angles (perfect for workplaces) and big earrings (that eliminates all needs to wear other jewelries). With that, we move to the last category.

As mentioned already, the year 2018 is going to be the year of bold and big earrings. Be it the 80s geometric earrings or the party girl chandelier sets, it’s bold and big that’s in fashion this year. However, to top it all, the designers have brought to the market a gamut of oversized earrings which is going to be a part of every enthusiast’s collection this year. Hoops, chandeliers, studs or danglers, whatever you pick, the choices are going to be dominated by oversized pieces. Don’t be scared if you are pint size because these earrings are designed for women of all shapes and sizes. They gravitate all attention towards the face, making it look sharper and angular.
Other jewelries that will take the lead this year are pearl chokers, asymmetrical earrings, knight earrings, large cocktail rings, celestial earrings and volcanic hoops.
Feel free to explore the vast gallery of jewelry to find out more about the upcoming trends and know how you can tailor the fashion to suit your taste. Customization is still out at large, which makes it most opportune for buyers to personalize their own baubles to fit them to their style.


Picture of oversized earring danglers

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