2018 Engagement Ring Trends and Styles

2018 Ring Trends and Styles
The last year has rolled into a new one and with that, the engagement season has commenced. Almost everybody around are either getting married or engaged, and if you have decided to join the wagon with the rest, then you must lend an ear to the year’s engagement ring fashion updates. It’s a new year and fashionistas know what that means for them. A tide of new trends has already crashed the streets and shows, and the ring segment of the gallery is not immune to the change. A line of new trends and styles is already at working changing the face of engagement ring selections this year.
Here are some of the dominant changes and trends that you can expect to see in the engagement ring section this year.

East-West Is in This Year
The east-west style came into prominence last year, and it’s not just lingering on as a remnant from the past, but is steadily rising to popularity. If you have got your East-West ring last year and have worn it ever so often since, you are at liberty to continue to do it through this year, and may be some more in the next. The style gets a little more popular each year, and unless something surpassingly beautiful comes to take its place, it’s not going to fade soon. For those who are not familiar with the East-West, its ring style that sets the stone horizontally than vertically. So, be it an emerald, marquis or oval cut diamond, it sits horizontally on the mountings. That makes the rings visibly different to look at, and gives them a noticeably wider appearance. The East-West is a statement style in rings that have been successfully tried with cuts like radiant and pear aside the mentioned cuts.


East west solitaire engagement ring by Diamonds-USA

Three-Stone Meets Vintage
The three-stone engagement rings received a huge spurt after endorsement from the future princess of Britain, Meghan Markle. The design is quite quaint in itself, clean and simple with no excess aggrandizement. But designers know better than to leave this wonderful motif runs out of popularity. This year, the jewelers have picked that one to merge it with vintage-inspired designs to craft something spectacularly royal. The three-stone vintage design is going to be a strong candidate for the engagement ring genre where the three-stone style actually belong.
The introduction of vintage details to the otherwise clean three-stone has brought a spin to the classic version, making it markedly more attractive in aesthetics. So while the three stones represent the past, present and future, the antiquity of the design reflects the timelessness that love it. So, if your love for classic is overwhelming, here is the perfect piece to get engaged by.


Maghan Markle engagement ring


A more daring Vintage three diamonds ring by Diamonds-USA

Pear and Oval on the Rise
If you have evaded fancy cuts so far in favor of the classical ones, then this year will need you to make an exception. The year 2018’s ring trends are likely to renew the enthusiasm for less popular cuts like oval and pear. Cuts like this has helped buyers save handfuls of money in the past by their carat advantage. So if you are a little short of cash or just want to buy something different in diamonds this year, here are the two most crowd-pleasing moments of this year. The oval cut is universally flattering while the pear cut is classically vintage. The added bonus is that both cuts are made to maximize their carat weight. So that’s potentially money saving.
The beauty of these cuts is that they are fitting for both solitaires as well as halo styles. Pear-cut halo heads are very popular in rings at the moment. As for an oval-cut diamond, pep it up with a blue sapphire halo, there you have the Britain’s royal engagement ring, only inverted.
Pear, marquis and oval cut diamonds are going to show up in other jewelry items too this year.


Pear shaped Halo diamond engagement ring

Boastfully Big Is the Language of Today
Load your pockets for carat weights are about to get a little bigger this year. So, anything less than a carat and half is going to get overshadowed in the crowd. Powerful and bold rings are going to dominate this year. So, if you haven’t got yourself a nice big cocktail ring, now is the time. In the engagement ring segment, expect to see larger items. If you are worried about the practicality of these designs, that’s a discussion for another time. But larger carats is the word in the street right now. So, even if you want to hold yourself from getting an enormous ring for everyday wear, get a solitaire that has a pretty big stone on it. The beauty of big carat weight rings is that they make a staple for any outfit, and when you have a ring that conspicuous on your finger, you can skip other baubles for the hands.

Gold Tones Just Got Warmer
White gold is going to get faded out this year, and in its place, warmer tones will set in. Rose gold is already enormously popular among women. This year will see the comeback of yellow gold, which will reinstate the topmost position of yellow gold on the list. Yellow gold is truly timeless, and from what’s so far seen in the fashion shows, it is going to pair up this year with an array of delightfully colored gems diamonds included. Mixed metal is going to be another popular style in 2018. So, if you are looking for a ring that looks warm, but not too blingy, consider mixing yellow with rose gold. If you are repelled by the idea right away, wait till you cast your eye on a mixed tone ring. They are quite an eyeful, and have incredible aesthetics which is nothing like other dual-toned rings.
So, all in all, diamonds will hold a dominant place this year, and so will yellow gold. The styles discussed above are going to gain an upper hand, although a variety of newer styles will show up by the second quarter of this year.


Engagement ring in white & rose Gold by Diamonds-USA


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