Why Solitaire Engagement rings?

On Solitaire Engagement Rings
A woman is said to never say no to a solitaire engagement ring. Now whether that’s an immutable fact or not, it is definitely a tried and tested theory that has worked for so many before this. It is probably to this that solitaire engagement rings owe part of their success to. The rest of it however goes entirely to diamonds and exclusive solitaire designs. A choice of design that ranks high in engagement rings, solitaires are loved alike by women around the world.
Solitaires are sacred, and when it comes to engagements, they have immeasurable significance. These rings have gained a nod of recognition from people all over the world. Their dominance in the engagement ring section is justified by their sterling features, their unmatched beauty and their undying significance in the context of love and celebration of romantic celebration. Although a more expensive choice than most other kinds of engagement rings, solitaires are wildly sold around the world, among buyers of all sections of the society, which makes it the most popular choices in engagement rings.
What Is a Solitaire?
In the context of jewelry, a solitaire is a piece of jewelry that contains a solitary gemstone. Although, a solitaire could be any kind of jewelry decorated with a single piece of gemstone, the term has come to be hijacked by rings, and the design, a trademark of engagement rings. Today, the word solitaire is popularly used within the jewelry industry to refer to engagement rings carrying a single diamond.
But the word “solitaire” in the context of rings does not refer to any particular diamond shape. Although round Cushion and princess cut diamonds are face of solitaire rings anywhere on the planet, a solitaire can be a stone of any shape. A solitaire can be made using other new diamond cut. Heart, oval, cushion, baguette and emerald are very popular as solitaire cuts at this point. Once considered a distraction, fancy cuts have now stepped into the bigger arena competing stoutly with the more classic shapes like round, Cushion and princess cuts. People have come to admire and accept these shapes for reasons beyond just aesthetics. Some of these shapes have the advantage of size which makes affording a solitaire easier than other stones. Some are delightfully cheaper than the classic cuts which makes them an easy choice for buyers.
Why a Solitaire?
Despite their popularity, some people are not fully convinced as to why they should go for a diamond solitaire ring when proposing where there are so many other equally attractive designs on display. To be fair, other designs are beautiful too, but solitaires frankly outclass most of the specimens of the other categories by a pretty wide margin. It’s like saying, there are rings, and then there are solitaire engagement rings. Diamond solitaires have a huge advantage over other varieties of rings.
The first reason that makes diamond solitaires critical in the event of proposal is because it has a certain purity about it. Solitaires are virgin in their aesthetics, something that is so perceptibly different from all other varieties that it is hard to miss. Solitaires are clean and precise in their designs. They do not have great details or complicated motifs, but very plain aesthetics. A ring can afford to have a very clean design only when the diamond has the power to work all the magic it needs. So that’s part of the reason why you want to go for a solitaire when proposing to your ladylove.
Another reason why people side with solitaire engagement rings is because these rings somehow define engagement jewelry. Diamonds have come to find such a deep connection with romance and matrimony that it is seen as a very emblem of love and commitment. It’s the very artifice that seals the bond between two hearts, ceremoniously announcing it to the world. One can surely choose to deviate from the trend, but diamond solitaire engagement rings are more than something that’s in fashion. It’s a tradition, not just in a people, but across cultures and peoples. It is the glue that holds so many vibrantly different matrimonial rituals to a place of familiarity.
Famous Solitaire Engagement rings
Although solitaires are all more or less matchless in their beauty and appeal, there are some dazzlers that stand far out by the virtue of their striking aesthetics. Here are some diamond solitaires that sweetly surprised our senses thus effortlessly rising to be some of the most memorable jewelry pieces in recent times.
Victoria Beckham
It's no secret that Victoria Beckham has more than 1 engagement ring, we like best the simple pure 3 carat solitaire Marquise engagement ring- her stunningly simple Marquise cut diamond ring! The marquise is set in 14K yellow gold with plain round band. The marquise cut’s dates back to the 18th century when King Louis 15 of France (1710-1774) commissioned a jeweler to design a cut shape that resembled the lips of his mistress, Jean Antoinette Poisson, Over time, the marquise cut developed into the pointed ends canoe shape known today.. A true romantic story for a diamond in engagement jewelry.


Kim Kardashian’s Showstopper
Kardashian’s engagement to singer Kayne West was a much publicized event in Hollywood. However, the ring stole a lion share of the attention. Estimated to be worth $8 mil, this ring is a showstopper, without a doubt. When a 15 carat D Fl diamond is put on a skinny platinum band with no remarkable details, the effect is likely to be nothing short of explosive. It became a media sensation for a very long time, and for the right reasons. 


Beyoncé’s Dazzling Rock
Beyoncé’s engagement to her now superstar husband Jay Z was a much awaited event. It came as a great news for all her fans. The real star however that swayed her fans off their feat was the engagement ring. Designed by the same celebrity jewelry designer who did Kardashian’s sparkler, this emerald cut solitaire was a beauty by all standards. It wears an 18 carat diamond on a skinny split shoulders platinum band.


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