The Art of Stacking Explained with Examples and Tips

Stacking has floated up as one of the most catching styles in fashion of this century. The concept, probably an extract from layering in clothes, has worked great among women of different age groups. With a little imagination, designers have breathed in a lot of creativity in jewelry stacking. Although still considered a challenging drill among most women, stacking is actually quite easy. However, there are a few things that one must carry in their minds when stacking jewelries like bracelets and rings. We will round that up in this article.

Stacking, as we know it today, is the quickest and smartest way to complete an attire. Stacking can bring together an outfit like no single accessory or fashion style. Google jewelry stacking and a few select pictures will stand by this fact. The style of stacking just comes to people in a flash. You add a diamond tennis bracelet with another, or a few rings together, mixing and matching and boom, suddenly you have a combination that rocks solid. But for that, what you ideally need is not luck, but patience and persistence. This article attempts to cover different kinds of stacking and how it can be perfected to achieve the desirable effect.

Just Singles
Classics always stand at the top. In bracelets, there is hardly another most classic and classier than single bracelets. No matter how skinny or flimsy, a single bracelet is always a great weight to accessorize your outfits, for anything from Sunday Church to coffee shop to shopping trip to the beach day. There is hardly any occasion that conflict the use of a single plain better, even better if it’s a single strand of diamonds. Tennis bracelets are in and they are here for good. These bracelets have a modern look and feel about them. If a strand of shimmer is too prosaic for you, give it a focal point by adding a larger center stone to it. That gives the items a little personality. Make it more fun by pairing it with your bestie showing it off as your BFF bracelet.

Made for One Another
Wearing in twos is the first step towards stacking. Two is the minimum number of bracelets you can wear in a stack. Two bracelets is great for wear to work or even on shopping trips on weekends. All it needs is figuring out which two bracelets works best together. You can pick two similar kinds to create a predictable, but fashionable stack. Two opposite types make an interesting and bold combination. The call is yours. What I would recommend is mingling of two bracelets of unique, or at least, interesting shapes and textures. For example, try pairing a dainty bracelet with a slightly thicker one to whip up an instantly dynamic stack. For more drama, pair two bracelets with large center stones.

Three Isn’t a Crowd
At this point, you are into serious stacking. As long as you choose light and dainty ones, stacking three bracelets can still have a pretty cool and casual effect. But to make it effortless, you have to do it right. For first timers, I’d suggest skinny bracelets when putting three of them together. The style shouldn’t undo the rest of your outfit. Stacking in three always has the risk of looking overdone. So, you might want to be a little picky with the kind of pieces you are choosing to make the stack. One way of doing it is to pick only pieces that have contrasting silhouettes. That would maintain a line of definition between the pieces and yet, gel together pretty well. An example of a delicate stack of three is one that uses a plain bracelet band of gems with one or at best, two rows of sparkle, an even skinnier stone band with a focal stone and a third that is between the two in measurement and motif. The last one should essential balance or even out the other two.

Go Simple for Multiple
As the number of bracelets keep adding, the designs have to go milder. For this, an easy way is to pick a multi-strand bracelet. These bracelets carry multiple threads of metals and diamonds linked together at appoint. From the front, they look like a bunch of bracelets. For variation, some of the bracelets use diversely designed strands. However, if you want to go all the way, then stack four or more bracelets together in a stack. Be mindful of the sequence and choice of bracelets. Once again, I suggest skinny bracelets lest it looks too much. However, if you are comfortable pulling off bolder stacks, by all means, go ahead. For multi-bracelet stacks, the perfect polish is important. In fact, if you can put together the right kind of multi-strand bracelet, it can use used as a throw-on accessory for any occasion.

Mixed Tones
A great way to make your bracelet stack interesting is to mix metals. Throw in some yellow gold, some platinum or silver and some rose gold, and there you have a perfect mixed tone stack. Yellow brings warmth to the combination, while rose gives it a feminine quality. Try putting the white metal in between to balance out the color and glare of the two. Together, they look effortlessly chic and trendy. If your collection is missing rose gold, then worry not. Yellow and white gold make a classic stack combination. While the white metals bring in an icy effect, the yellow gold providers a feel of warmth.

You can stack bracelets for one or both arm, depending on the kind of combinations you come up with. Mix plain with plain bracelets, and bold with bold, or mix them together to create a fine and interesting combination. There is no stopping you from going creatively. However, there is no way of stacking your bracelets erringly. It’s all a matter of personal opinion. So, at the end of the day, stay loyal to your style, because everything looks fascinating when worn with confidence.
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