How to Pick Earrings for Your Particular Face Shape

Buying diamond earrings is a particularly dicey feat when you want to get something that is designed exactly for your facial shape. Round, square, oval, there are so many different types of facial shapes. Who is to say which earring is crafted for a particular face shape, and if it is, who could tell which shape is it made for? Frankly, the answer to these questions lie in your eyes and mind. There are no earring that are designed for a particular face type per se, but there are always some earrings that are better suited to a particular face shape than others. You job is to find the matches, and then you are all free to go picky.

Most ladies do not really lose their night’s sleep over this particular algorithm of earrings and face shapes. They pick what catches their eyes and as long as it makes them look good, it works. But, if you take a moment to go a little deeper than that, every earring compliments faces in one way or the other. The ones that are most suitable for your facial shape flatter your natural beauty while drawing out the natural shape of your face to the eyes of others. This is a rare happenstance because finding rings by face shapes is hardly a talent of the majority.
However, to make this a little easy for you, here are the outlines of some basic formulas that can solve the puzzle of cuts and shapes
Round Faces
Ladies, you have got to get hold of some really stunning drop earrings, for they are, without a doubt your best friend. For the round face shape, what you need is accessories that will give your face and neck a slender appearance. Teardrop, pear, anything will work as long as it’s long and feature a smooth, slender shape. So, your pick should be any kind of long earrings that have the silhouette that contrasts with the contour of your face. Cascade, halo and chain danglers are some effective recommendations. 

Square Faces
For a square jawline, you need earrings that are about medium long and feature curves and round edges. Feel free pick from the longer length piece as long as they have bendy and curvy lines. As for the cuts of diamonds, your best options are pear and oval cuts. They complement the shape of your face while softening and rounding the natural angles of your jawline. For your facial shape, you may want to try delicate drop earrings, long swingy earrings, one-string uncomplicated earrings, halo with accents and twisting helical earrings.

Rectangle Faces
What you need to make your facial contour appear sharper is anything small. Try diamond studs, hoops or even cluster earrings. Literally anything small works for rectangle faces. Try not to go for anything too long or big because what you need is a pair of earrings that will visually strengthen your jawlines making your facial lines appear more prominent. These earrings draw the attention up to the cheekbones thus keeping the face from looking too long. There is plenty of options to explore in studs and short earrings. Pick up a set of gorgeous, gem-loaded halo studs or a pair of wild diamond halos. Even cluster studs like primrose and periwinkle work wonders for rectangle faces.

Oval Faces
If the shape of your face is oval, then you are blessed because pretty much any style of earrings look great with an oval face. In fact, you don’t have to be picky about the cuts of diamonds and other gems, because with an oval face, all cuts look equally great. So, fell free to explore both the sections of long and short, delicate and gaudy, simple and intricate earrings. Your face can pull it off just fine. So, don’t stay restricted to just studs of drops, don’t hold yourself from experimenting with medium sized styles like hoops and others. There are plenty of recommendations for oval faces. Try marquis cut studs if you like untraditional styles. A medium-sized dangler earrings with cushion-cut drops is a great match too. Pick a halo styled danglers for something a bit gorgeous. Pear-drop diamond earrings will make an oval face look more fetching than mot pieces because of the cut.

Heart Faces
Finally, for heart faces, you need earrings that will bring about a balance in your face shape. If you are not careful while choosing earrings, you may end up picking a set that makes your face look disproportionate, and that’s easily possible with the wrong style and cut. What works best a heart shaped face is triangle diamond cuts. Their semblance with the shape of the face somehow brings about a balance in the shape. Another great recommendation is pear cut diamonds. However, do not feel limited by these choices. Go out and explore the shapes and styles to find your right pick. As for a piece of advice, try favoring earrings that are wide at the bottom. The flat bottom helps show off your dainty jawline instead of making it appear out of proportion. Pear cut studs, short drops, Triangle cut semi-studs, halo drops and linear drops are some highly recommended pieces for a heart shaped face.

To find the ideal style of earrings that go with your face, you need to understand the true shape of your face. Some people mistake one face shape for another and that creates potential confusion. An artist or a jeweler might be able to help you find out the real shape of your face. Once you are certain about it, go ahead and pick earrings by these little tips and tricks. Do not go overboard or stay too confined within the suggestion made. Use your creativity to make your face sharper and stronger. The right earrings play up the facial shape noticeably, but there are other ways to accentuate your jawlines. For instance, the way you do your hair leaves an impact on how your jawlines appear from the front.

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