A guide to matching earrings with outfits

A guide to matching earrings with outfits

The affair of matching earrings with outfits is a riddling one, particularly for those who normally do not put too much thought into the art of accessorizing. But, this doesn’t have to be so puzzling if you play by the rules. Quite luckily, the fashion heavy hitters have already laid the path for us there. We just need to find ours and walk down it. There is a formula of pairing earrings with outfits. Though most of us like to do the mad lib there, these rules are actually quite helpful in putting together a flawless ensemble. Here is a guide to combining specific types of earrings with fitting outfits.

The Best Friends of Your Statement Earrings

All black outfits are classy and sophisticated. The only thing missing about them is a pop of colors. Some make it up by slipping in a pastel shade handbag or brightly colored shoes, but nothing can beat the effect of a black outfit with shiny statement earrings. It brings your attire to life like no others. However, statement earrings are best friends with not just your chic all black outfits. They also make a great addition for chambray shirts with tied front and white midi skirts. What else looks great with a spectacular pair of statement earrings? Denim jackets, black dresses, button-down oversized shirts, leather pants, checkered dresses, cocktail dresses and pink blazers. So, whether you have a solitary pair of signature earrings or many of them, pair them up with these outfits for maximum effect.
Turquoise Earrings Pair Best with White Linen Dresses
What lifts up the style quotient of a white summer outfit? A pair of bedazzling large turquoise earrings. Try the combination on a beach blowout or for a weekend shopping trip, and you will hear good things about your taste. White linen dresses are extremely feminine and to that, these oceanic sets of earrings add an element of freshness. Turquoise earrings however look pretty great with black dresses too. The color stand out from the entire ensemble, complementing it to look bright and beautiful.


Oversized Earrings with Boyfriend Shirts
So you have a boyfriend shirt and don’t know what jewelry to wear it with? Believe it or not, but oversized earrings make the best match for boyfriend shirts. Understandably, boyfriend shirts are oversized and therefore, casual in their styles. What a set of large earrings does to it is almost magical. Something that has white diamonds in it makes most sense if your shirt is algae or blue. It’s a definitely cool pairing, and not to mention glamorous.

Boho Earrings with Off-Shoulder Blouse

Finding the right kind of jewelry to go with a pair of ripped jeans and off-shoulder blouse is always a tough challenge. Nothing really seems to fit in with the dichotomous fashion quotient of the two. However, there is one time that works perfectly with the both by balancing the differences precariously. It’s a pair of boho earrings. Many of you may not be familiar with the name. Boho earrings are not exactly a category in fine jewelry galleries. They are a style of jewelry that is designed to express the wild and untamed side of a woman. They are often big, very comfortable, but also pretty stylish.

Tassel Earrings with Patterned Tops


Gold tassel earrings are all over the market. Some come with gemmed tops while others are solely crafted in gold. The best outfit to pair these tassel earrings with is a pattered top. These earrings are made in the reflection of the free spirit of a gypsy woman. If you relate to that, they add a pair of these sexy earrings to your collection today. Wear your hair down in a careless cascade and top it off with a pretty scarf for best effect.

Chandelier Earrings with Fancy Silk Dress


What is as gorgeous as a fancy silk dress? Its perfect accompaniment, a pair of sparkly chandelier earrings. Chandelier earrings are normally big, so that takes care of the size factor. Your aim should be to find a sparkling set that goes best with an expensive silk dress. Together, they create a charming ensemble.

Floral Ear Cuffs with Lacy Top


Here you finally have something exquisite to team your lovely lacy top with. Floral theme is dominating the market this summer, and the concept has been actively absorbed in the making of ear cuffs. So, here is your best excuse to buy a nice looking set of floral ear cuffs, it’s your white lacy blouse. The two make a fine combination together, particularly for the summer season. The floral cuffs make the chic blouse all the more noticeable by enhancing the effect of sophistication.

Star Earrings for Black Casuals


Black casual don’t really leave much room for dressy ornaments, but that’s an understanding that is outdated in this age. For your flat black casuals that only streamline your shape and enhance your skin tone, you now have a choice of accessories. Star earrings it is. The two look exotic together, only working up the look and feel of the other. Should you pick a star earring, make sure you pick something in gold for maximum effect.

Delicate Sparkling Danglers with Black Dresses and Leather Jackets
Black dresses and leather jackets are the best party wears if you are planning to hit the dancefloor. They are a reminder of the trendsetting Hollywood movie Grease. Take the outfit to the next level by putting it together with a lovely pair of danglers. These ones don’t have to be oversized or overpriced. Stay within your budget when buying a sparkling pair of danglers. The more delicate the design is, the better it looks with black outfits. These ecstasy earrings are the best find possible to go with these cute outfits.  Fall in love with Grease all over again and bring it back to life on the dancefloor.
Go wild in matching up your earrings with your dresses. Do it however you like it, as long as you get the formula in place.

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