Chocolate Brown Diamonds in Argyle's nexcklace

Chocolate Brown Diamonds in Argyle's nexcklace, News 97

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

JFine Inc Launches the Origin of Argyle Chocolate Brown Diamond Necklace in New York

At the onset of the return of colored diamonds to glory, industry heavyweights are already bearing the torch making way for others to follow. Only a few weeks ago, the industry giant JFine Inc threw an exhibition in New York where it showcased a signature Argyle piece.

Argyle diamonds have already rose to prominence is some of the most precious mining exploits in diamonds. The unveiling of this spectacular neck piece was only a reaffirmation of their status. Named the Origins of Argyle, this statement piece was quite an eyeful. Originally a Y necklace with a lot of intricacies, the piece carries 45 carats of chocolate brown diamonds, mined by Rio Tinto, in combination with 3.55 carats of sparkling colorless ones.

The fancy brown gems that hang low in the design of the neck piece lends a rich character to the jewelry while the few larger white diamonds up top balances the color with a hint of sparkle. As fine a piece as this is likely to go into the maker’s gallery of the finest jewels. 
The makers said that they derived the inspiration of the piece from the gems’ place of origin. 
The warm, chocolate diamonds originated in the Argyle diamond deposit of east Kimberly region in the remote parts of Western Australia.
The designers who crafted this incredible piece of jewelry carved the coordinates of the deposit at the back of the necklace making it even more precious. This the designers revealed during a press conference held about the Origin or Argyle and other stunning pieces delivered by the house thus far. 

The President of JFine Inc, Jordon Fine, who is also the owner of this iconic piece of jewelry remarked that they are thrilled to be working with gems that are a fascination for the world. Argyle diamonds, he says, are mined ethically and designed with “an unbroken chain of custody” that comes from one of Australian outback. It is a culture, a heritage that sings of the company’s proud pedigree.

Origin of Argyle is an entire suite of jewelry. There are 31 other pieces aside the brown diamond necklace. The entire collection is worth something around $60 million.
The company, in the exhibition, laid out some of the richest varieties of diamonds that have been exploited form the Argyle mines of Australia. The said mine is one of the world’s leading deposit in the production of colored diamonds. That gave JFine Inc the inspiration to put together an exhibition of startling colored diamonds. Among others, the colors pink, blue, red, violet, white and chocolate were dominant. The wide spectrum of colors spelled uniqueness for the selection.
Over the past few years, the market for Argyle diamonds has markedly expanded in the continental US. For the best, this exhibition has coincided with another of its kind, the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender 2017. This event was scheduled before the Origin of Argyle in New York.

The Origin of Argyle show was an invitation-only event that was attended by guests from all over the world.


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