Heidi Klum’s Bedazzling Shiner at the 2018 Emmys

Heidi Klum’s Bedazzling Shiner at the 2018 Emmys , News 140

Sunday, December 02, 2018

This year, Heidi Klum’s accessories at the Emmy’s sparked conjectures about her relationship status with her boyfriend Tom Kaulitz. The supermodel arrived at the Emmy’s Awards function wearing a gorgeous satin sweetheart gown which she paired perfectly with a luxuriant suite of jewelries, one of which is a gigantic sparkler which was perched on her fourth finger. Throughout the event, her full attention was on Kaulitz. The two looked loved up and comfortable together. Putting two and two together, we assumed that the two must be newly engaged. Just a confirmation short of getting their hearts broken, her male fans breathed a sigh of relief when Klum explained her ring after the event.
The 45 year old model made a clean breast of things when she found herself facing the question whether she and her boyfriend are betrothed.  She said, “No! All these are just borrowed. They’re from Lorraine. They go with that necklace beautifully. I mean, just look at this gorgeous necklace. And then I needed some baubles, so they’re all borrowed.” While that got some of our spirits down, we know that there is still time for the two to go that route.
Meanwhile, let’s take a look at the insanely beautiful ring that she borrowed to go with the thick band of diamond necklace she wore to the show. The ring that was the center of all attention was an enormous sparkler beset with diamonds and what looked like pink sapphire. The ring wears a high clarity diamond at the center which is nothing lesser than 8 carat. Around the center gem is a row of shimmering pink gems which are either pink sapphires or diamonds. Together, the ring is a sparkling affair.
Designed by Lorrain Schwartz, the ring is a swoon-worthy piece of ornament. The cut and clarity of the center stone allows for skin of the finger to show through the crown which gives it a little natural blush. The pink hue from the surrounding stone bleeds into the center stone giving it a warmer tone. As for the band, curved in white gold, it too is sprinkled with colorless diamonds. The impressive sparkler on her fourth finger instantly drew a lot of attention and questions which is only obvious. Engagement ring or not, this one is worth owing.

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