Porsha William’s Insanely Beautiful 13 Carat Shiner
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Porsha William’s Insanely Beautiful 13 Carat Shiner, News 138

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Last month the star of the popular TV series Real Housewives of Atlanta, Porsha Williams got engaged,
and while that caused widespread publicity for the actor and her fiancé, her 13 Carat diamond sparkler
got the lion’s share of limelight. Dennis McKinley, her boyfriend with whom she has a baby on the way
proposed with a massive diamond engagement ring. The ring, just like the proposal was perfect, and the
duo turned to social media to announce their engagement with an adorable video that said “Engaged”.
If you are wondering what the ring looked like and about its other details, here are the exclusive
features. William’s new piece of bling is a stunner, to say the least. Designed by NYC based decorated
jeweler Richie Rich who is the name behind Leon Diamond, the ring is a diamond studded affair. The
chunky center stone is a whole 13 carats, but that’s not the only diamond that makes appearance in the
ring. In all, the ring features 17 carats of blinding diamonds, set in the perfect body curved with 18K
white old. A source has confirmed the details, saying that the ring has a 13 carat solid rock at the center
and 4 more carats of accent stones around it.
As for the design, the sparkler is a halo style engagement ring with a thin strip of halo bordering the
sizeable rock at the center. The band is micro-paved with diamonds till the middle which only enhances
the glitter of the stones.
Richie Rich took to Instagram to share a video of the bling which is the first close-up of the ring made
available to the public’s eye. Aside from the stunning design, the video reveals an inscription of their
names and the year of engagement carved inside with a lovely heart in the middle. While the designing
credit goes to Richie Rich, McKinley too had a hand in the project. After browsing through the styles
available at Leon Diamond, he settled for this design. In all, it took 14 days to craft the ring, and the
finished product is every bit worth the wait. When the ring was ready, McKinley flew to NYC to collect
the ring in person.
There are still some speculations about the price of the ring, but experts have estimated it to be above
the range of six figures. Nothing has been confirmed nor denied by either of the duo. So we are left with
mostly speculations in that area. Since her engagement, Porsha Williams have been sighted in public
flashing her new bling and her baby bump which is very pronounced at this point. We soon expect to
hear good news in that department. Porsha Williams was formerly married to football player, Kordell
Replica Porsha William rings are likely to hit the market soon. Meanwhile, the bigger brands are working
at fashioning engagement rings drawing inspirations from this off-the-chart bling all of which are
expected to be statement pieces just as this one. So, keep an eye at the fresh collections this winter to

find something that matches the description of William’s sparkler.

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