Spotlight on Jenna Johnson’s Sparkling Engagement Ring

Spotlight on Jenna Johnson’s Sparkling Engagement Ring, News 132

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Val Chmerkovskiy and Jenna Johnson have been in news for a long time now. In June of this year, the ballroom pros took their relationship to the next level wherein Val popped the question and Jenna said yes. The two are now officially engaged. The proposal happened in the classic old style where Val got down on one knee and totally took Jenna off-guard. She was shocked and surprised and elated everything at the same time. When she delivered a yes, the entire Venetian square in Italy where the two were holidaying at the time, cheered for the couple. The sparkler in question which was unveiled to the public in a very celeb style on Instagram is breathtaking, putting it mildly.


The sparkler, as Deborah A. Villepigue, an independent certified gem appraiser estimated could cost something around $65, 000. The picture in Instagram reveals that it’s a halo-style engagement ring heavily decorated with shimmering diamonds. Villepigue estimates the center stone to be something around 4 carats. The center stone is a cushion-cut colorless diamond the details of which are still unknown. In addition to the central diamond, the ring is bordered by a diamond halo which enhances the sparkle further. Adding more glamor to the ring is the paved diamond band which makes the ring superbly gorgeous.

A little investigation indicated that the ring was designed by Val himself who felt up to the task when backed by Jacob Arabo, the owner of Jacob & Co. Together they worked on the design and choice of gems keeping in mind Jenna’s specific taste and personality. A representative for Jacob & Co. later informed, “Val came to us once he knew he was ready to pop the question and we walked him through the process and helped him design an incredible engagement ring for Jenna.” It truly looks incredible and on Jenna’s hand, it shines and shimmers just like her.

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As for the romantic proposal, it was childhood dream for Val to propose to the love of his life in an Italian city. So, it was planned for long before he had even met Jenna, and when he found himself ready to propose, he simply followed his dream. Chmerkovskiy told People Magazine, “When I was 17, I visited Venice for the first time and thought it was the most romantic place in the world. I promised myself then that the next time I would come back to Venice was to propose to the woman I’d want to spend the rest of my life with.”

Jenna and Val have been dating on and off since 2015. They had however kept their relationship under the wraps until 2017 when they both came out and made their romance public by sharing a kissing on the sets of Dancing with the Stars, Season 25 finale. Check out Jenna Johnson’s gorgeous engagement ring on the Internet, if you haven’t already. While you are at it, also look out for similar engagement rings at online retailers.


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