A Closer Look at Cushion Cut Diamonds

A Closer Look at Cushion Cut Diamonds, News 111

Sunday, January 21, 2018

The journey of cushion-cut diamonds from the backseat to the front stage is a phenomenal one. Cushion cut came up with other fancy cuts about some years back, but up until now, it has lingered in the back row with other less popular cuts. It was only recently that the value of this cut has been identified by the buyers, which has given it the much-needed push to take a frontal position in the gallery. Among other fancy cuts that have come to the forefront this year, cushion cut is one. Also popular as the pillow-cut diamond, it is a classic cut that has featured in jewelries for over two centuries.
Today let’s go over the geometry, uniqueness and aesthetic value of cushion-cut diamonds.

The Geometry of a Cushion-Cut Diamond
A cushion-cut diamond is unique in its architecture. It is square, but not quite. Rounded corners give the cut a rather soft shape, something that makes the shape noticeably different from geometric shapes like round and square. A cushion cut does not have a set measurement or length to width ratio. It can come in a variety of measurements, with the same rounded corners and a slightly rectangular shape. The beauty of the cut is its soft shape and elegant look, coupled with a pretty high clarity and brilliance.

Why Is It a Unique Cut?
A cushion cut is called a rather unique cut, not just by the strength of geometry, but also its classic look. Cushion cut is a staple choice of gems in ancient jewelries. That is where it borrows its vintage looks from. The cut came into prominence in 1930s when it was a very popular gem cut in jewelries. Its distinctive look gave it an edge over others and that made it a jeweler’s choice. Even today, cushion cut is a popular shape in diamonds. Ask any dealer and they will confirm it. Cushion cut is the favorite cut of diamonds in vintage-inspired jewelries, particularly for white metal bands. These days, cushion cut has been brought into the folds of contemporary jewelry too.

An Evaluation of the Cut
A cushion cut is high on both aesthetics and practicality. Its distinguishable shape makes it less vulnerable than other delicate cuts. That’s the reason why cushion cut makes a practical choice of gem cut in engagement rings. It is better equipped for rough wearing than most other cuts. However, it all comes down to personal taste when we are talking about this particular cut. Not everybody’s first choice in diamonds, knowing that there are many other popular cuts ahead of it in the line, it appeals to people of a very specific taste. Again, the color evaluation of the cut is very subjective. Clarity too, considering that different buyers have different standards. Some like it flawless, while others don’t mind tiny inclusions. However, the good thing about cushion cut is that it’s not very revealing. So, one can get away with a VSI or SI grade stone without giving away much.

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