10 Halo Styles Engagement Rings That Made Dramatic Ingress into the Market

10 Halo Styles Engagement Rings That Made Dramatic Ingress into the Market , News 105

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

If you are looking for gorgeous styles in rings, then it definitely has to be halo. Exquisite and expensive, this style has graced the hands of celebrities and loyalists alike. Here are the 10 different halo styles that have arrived in the market at different times and won the hearts of buyers at the very first glance.

Plain Band Halo:
This one gives out the classical vibes, almost like a delicate diamond solitaire, particularly because of its undetailed, skinny band. In truth, the band just been left untouched for a reason. The idea is to cut back distractions from the swoon-worthy halo at the center.

Accented Band Halos:
An upgrade from the plain band halo, this stylefeatures a richly accented bands at least for the three-fourth part of it. Single and double ring bands feature this style.

Double Halos:
Taking things a notch higher, the double halo is a clear glam alert. The double halo adds extra substance and sparkle to the ring while making it look enormous and bold. However, it still balances the flashiness and classiness quite commendably.

Wide Band Halos:
If your style is big and bold, then this is what you need. Simply put, the bold band rings are eye-catching. A lot of design element is added to the band to give the ring a whole different appearance. The unique feature of the ring is not the halo alone, but the band too.

Rare Center Stone Cut:
Mounted with untraditional diamond cuts, this style as a very distinguished character. For this style, the most popular choices of cuts are pear, oval and asscher. You are welcome try something more daring, if you like.

Split Band Halos:
Split band is not rare, but it is in halo rings. The divided shank design lends the ring a traditional vibe and a balance.

The smooth and bevel finish of a bezel has been imitated in this style where the halos are big and the bands carry intricate metalwork that resemble architectural element.

Untraditional Halos:
All halo designs are not predictable. There are some that are unusual and quite moved away from the box of convention. This style is a mix of designs and elements, something that play up the texture and shape of the ring to a whole different level.

Side Stone Halos: Side stone rings are very popular in the engagement section, but side stone halos are still new. This style is an attempt at adding something more to the center stone. The side stones accent the halo in the middle while representing the essential symbol of past, present and future.

Colored Center Halos:
For those who like a little color in their jewelry, the colored center halo rings make an ideal choice. These rings are gaining grounds fast by the virtue of their personalities. Every color center ring reveals a personality that has a match in real life. Canary and blue sapphires are pretty popular picks in this style.

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