Princess Cut Diamond Rings for the Diamond Addict in You

Princess Cut Diamond Rings for the Diamond Addict in You

Round cut engagement rings are gorgeous, fancies are stylish, but nothing comes even remotely close to a princess cut diamond ring. Princess cut diamond are classic, exquisite and absolutely unmissable. A princess for your princess, it is the epitome of sophistication and style. Here is a guide to the precious princess cut diamond and some tips on putting it on a ring.

The Design of a Princess Cut Diamond

So how is a princess cut diamond a total standout? It’s because it has a geometry like no other. In the diamond cut family, you will see a lot of rounded and square cuts, but a princess cut is markedly distinguishable from all the rest. With bold sharp vertices and clean straight lines, this cut has a highly defined silhouette.

What makes it truly unmissable though is the cut’s light performance. It’s precisely calculated faceting catches and reflects more light than most cuts. That explains the incomparable brilliance and fire that princess cut diamond rings exude.

Princess diamond

Princess cut diamond

How to Choose a Nice Princess for My Engagement Ring?

As alluring as the cut is, small nuances make a world of difference in the optics and effects it produces. A set of small tips come handy there. When selecting a princess cut diamond to put on princess cut diamond rings always look for diamonds with depth and table no more than 72%. That’s a safe mark there. At that mark, princess appear the biggest, irrespective of their carat size.

How to Set a Princess in a Ring?

A princess cut is a very fragile cut. The pointy corners which give the cut its defining character are also its biggest vulnerabilities. So, when safely putting a princess cut diamond on a ring, you want to make sure that you choose a setting that has safety provisions for those corners.

Be inclined to settings that have cornered prongs because those prongs stand to guard the corners keeping them safely encapsulated. Any setting that does not do that might expose the diamond to avoidable risks of chipping. So, prong and bezel are the safest settings for princess cut diamond rings.

What Styles are in Making Princess  Rings?

There are a ton of styles to choose from in princess cut diamond rings. The princess cut being such a graceful and dainty cut shines in almost all styles imaginable. However, if you are after the best ones, here are some prime picks:

  • The Classic Solitaire: Simplicity is beauty. Featuring a pluperfect princess cut diamond at the center, this style is bereft of any excesses:
  • Princess solitaire engagement ring settings

  • A Princess Cut with a Cushion Halo: A princess cut diamond ensconced in a cushion shaped halo is a tell-tell of an unorthodox taste and bold personality.

  • Delicate Cushion diamond halo for Princess engagement ring

  • Three Stone: We have seen enough three-stone rings with round cut stones. It’s time for a stunning three-stone princess cut diamond rings. Alternately, you can swap the side stones with trillions or half-moons if you like. For more interesting looks, trade diamonds for rubies or sapphires. 

  • Crisscross style three stones ring

  • Accented Shoulders: A sterling princess cut feature with accompanying side stones to tune up the razzle-dazzle.
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