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14K White Gold-Rhodium Dipped, 0.18 Carats, Round, Engagement and Wedding Diamond Rings Set , with 0.18 Carat Round cut diamonds, Ideal Cut, VS1 Clarity and certified by Diamonds-USA

Engagement ring is Jid#3246, Band height is 3.45mm tapering down to 1.6mm.Width is 3.4mm tapering down to 2.5mm .Set with 10 Princess cut diamonds Min. 0.50 carats and H VS.
Wedding ring is Jid#3497, height of band is 3.5mm tapering down to 1.5mm.Width is 3.4mm tapering down to 3.3mm.Set with 12 Princess cut diamonds Min. 0.55 carats and H VS.

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  • $2,256
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Product Details

Settings Information:
  • 14K White Gold-Rhodium Dipped
  • Suitable for all center diamond shapes
  • Jewel ID:
  • 1286248
  • Gold Weight:
  • 5gr
  • Max Width:
  • 6.8mm
  • Min Width:
  • 5.8mm
  • Delivery Time:
  • 8 Days to the USA. 
  • Settings Price:
  • US$1,990    

Round Cut Diamond(s) Information:

  • Diamond(s) ID:
  • 9053
  • Main Diamond:
  • Round Diamond 0.18ct H VS1 US$266
  • Diamonds Price:
  • US$266
  • Delivery Time:
  • 8 Days to the USA. 
  • Total:
  • US$2,256
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Ace Smith, Arizona-U.S.A, April 5th, 2003