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Pear Loose Diamonds

Find Your Perfect Pear Cut Diamonds

The pear shaped brilliant diamond is based upon the traditional configuration of the round brilliant diamond. More than other fancy shapes, length-to-width ratio is a matter of taste when it comes to pear shaped diamonds. Because pears may be used for engagement rings, suites in necklaces, dangles in earrings, and integral parts of custom designs, a wide variety of shapes is considered desirable. The typical pear shaped diamond will contain 58 facets.

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Diamond ShapeDetailsCarat WeightClarity ColorCertificateDiamond Price
SelectPear Loose DiamondsDetails0.61 Ct.VS1D GIA US$2,689
SelectPear Loose DiamondsDetails0.61 Ct.VS1F GIA US$2,004
SelectPear Loose DiamondsDetails0.62 Ct.VS2E GIA US$2,318
SelectPear Loose DiamondsDetails0.62 Ct.SI1D GIA US$2,324
SelectPear Loose DiamondsDetails0.62 Ct.SI2H GIA US$1,802
SelectPear Loose DiamondsDetails0.63 Ct.VVS2D GIA US$2,954
SelectPear Loose DiamondsDetails0.63 Ct.VS1D GIA US$2,633
SelectPear Loose DiamondsDetails0.63 Ct.SI2D GIA US$2,097
SelectPear Loose DiamondsDetails0.64 Ct.VS2F GIA US$2,353
SelectPear Loose DiamondsDetails0.65 Ct.VVS1D GIA US$3,856
SelectPear Loose DiamondsDetails0.65 Ct.SI2D GIA US$2,214
SelectPear Loose DiamondsDetails0.66 Ct.VVS2D GIA US$3,183
SelectPear Loose DiamondsDetails0.66 Ct.VS2H GIA US$2,133
SelectPear Loose DiamondsDetails0.67 Ct.VS1H GIA US$2,309
SelectPear Loose DiamondsDetails0.68 Ct.SI2E GIA US$2,131
SelectPear Loose DiamondsDetails0.68 Ct.SI2I GIA US$1,762
SelectPear Loose DiamondsDetails0.69 Ct.VVS1I GIA US$2,208
SelectPear Loose DiamondsDetails0.69 Ct.VVS2K GIA US$1,838
SelectPear Loose DiamondsDetails0.69 Ct.VS1D GIA US$2,920
SelectPear Loose DiamondsDetails0.69 Ct.SI1G GIA US$2,073
SelectPear Loose DiamondsDetails0.70 Ct.IFI GIA US$2,837
SelectPear Loose DiamondsDetails0.70 Ct.IFJ GIA US$2,181
SelectPear Loose DiamondsDetails0.70 Ct.VVS1D GIA US$3,746
SelectPear Loose DiamondsDetails0.70 Ct.VVS1G EGL US$2,389
SelectPear Loose DiamondsDetails0.70 Ct.VVS2F GIA US$3,482