Necklace Trends 2017

Necklace Trends 2017, News 195

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

A new wave of fashion has crashed on the shores of 2017, demanding an overhaul of everything existent. With the tide, a number of original ideas have washed up ashore. In jewelries, there are quite a few new additions that have come to us so far. Speaking strictly of neckpieces, the year has started with a galore of very minimal and contemporary pieces that make easy picks for ladies with peculiar and predictable tastes. Let's take a look at some of the necklaces that are going to be everything this year, starting with the first that arrived in the stores and wardrobes.

Personalized Initialed Necklaces: After the nameplate necklaces, this is what followed. Personalized initialed necklaces are going to occupy a front position in the display this year. Hooked to a lean gold chain, gold letter hang in a semi-linear form spelling a name. A very minimalist design, this necklace is going to be seen a lock in necks of women of all ages this year. In addition to being very classy, it is a great addition to your collection, considering that it literally wears the name of its owner.

Designers initials necklace

Dog Tag Mini Pendants: Up until the last year, dog tags were a thing exclusively for men. This year, these tags have travelled the extra mile to become a part of women's fashion. Only this time, the tags are a touch more delicate and embellished than their dented and rough counterpart. Dog tags for women are too seen personalized with initial engravings, with diamonds sprinkled over the indents. These tags can be worn with short ball chains. Again, they go with both formal and casual wears. No need to swap them for something else for the Friday nights either.

Endrasted with diamonds dog tag pendants

Mixed Metal Chains: This is, by far, the most interesting entry on the list. After two-toned rings, the idea has been inculcated in necklaces. This concept necklace is a wonderful creation of imagination. Mixed metal chains are otherwise regular chains, with only one difference, it is a combination of gold and silver. The two chains are joined together by a link, or loop at the center. These chains are normally worn in short lengths. But, if it suits you, you can get a long necklace made for the parties, events and even interviews. Mixed metal chains are also predicted to become a big hit with long-sleeve t-shirts and graphic hoodies.


Chunky Chain Chockers: Chunky chain chokers can be compared to nothing that I've seen in recent times. These pieces resemble real chains in every way, except that they are made of precious metals like gold and platinum. The Mixed metal theme is incorporated in chain chokers too, and when you see one, you will know exactly why. The chockers, unlike traditional chockers, do not sit tightly around the neck, but fall firmly at the base of the neck. An inverted loop forms the pendant at the center. This may make you poorer by a substantial figure, but is worth every dime.

The very trendy gold chocker with a medallion

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