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Usted puede enviar un email a nuestros clientes a continuación que nos escriben agradeciendo luego de recibir su joya.

11/28/2013 we are ecstatic as we could confirm what you said you sold us and what we thought we got
5/9/2013 it was really the service that the team at Diamonds USA provided
2/26/2013 We were very very happy with the service
1/5/2013 ... impressed with the shipping time..
1/24/2013 The ring is perfect......!
2/13/2013 Estoy muy contenta con mi compra y espero
2/18/2013 Dear team of Diamonds-USA,
1/4/2013 I was very impressed ....
12/29/2012 The ring is stunning ...
9/18/2012 You are the best
9/19/2012 I love diamonds USA
11/23/2012 I received the diamond and it is gorgeous
12/21/2012 David, you are a man of your words.
12/29/2012 this is the second pair i have had from you and wife is very pleased
8/29/2012 have done it again!
7/31/2012 YOU ARE THE BEST
5/21/2012 ...special attention to detail and great service!
3/2/2012 I was absolutely thrilled ...
1/2/2012 Letter of thank you to Denisse and David
12/4/2011 My Sincere thanks for your help and assistance
11/23/2011 We are very happy like the other times
11/14/2011 thanks al lot for all your help denisse and david
8/15/2011 Big thank you
6/27/2011 Pleasure doing business with you
6/24/2011 el anillo con el cual estoy conforme y agradecido por sus atenciones...
6/9/2011 Please send it off to your mates who created my GORGEOUS engagement ring.
4/21/2011 Thank , you, thank you, for making this such a wonderful occasion, Ian Russia
3/10/2011 Your after care service is a credit to your organisation.
1/19/2011 Thanks for everything, the service, the atention and...
12/9/2010 Package arrived safe and sound, Canada.
12/11/2010 craftsmanship on the ring left an A+ impression, Miami Beach, USA
12/19/2010 I will, without any doubt ,buy from you again ,Christophe. FRANCE
9/13/2010 ..received the ring today and as expected its beautiful
9/11/2010 Muchas gracias por todo.
9/11/2010 ..sincerest gratitude for the outstanding and efficient service.
8/7/2010 ...that she does not want to take it off. Jeff O. USA
7/24/2010 Thanks again for all of your help and for answering my numerous questions
7/19/2010 ...had complete faith in their ethics, honesty and professionalism. Eileen
5/9/2010 Diamonds-USA Joseph S. 5 May 8, 2010 Pleased in the Sun City
6/4/2009 At BBBOnline we have only 1 delivery complaint the last 3 years
6/4/2009 Information on
3/18/2010 Do you need a ring? Diamonds USA is the best! USA
1/6/2010 100% satisfaction, I will return next time.
1/5/2010 Best Diamond dealer in the world, USA
1/5/2010 Perfect Service, Qatar
7/2/2009 Diamonds-USA is very good value for money, David ,Cyprus
7/27/2009 ..this is my second experience getting a ring from you guys.Gustavo, CA, USA
6/17/2009 completely satisfied with the concierge service and the diamond ring. USA
6/9/2009 More than I could have asked for.Wendy, USA
6/7/2009 We are fully satisfied by the product we ordered. France
6/5/2009 very impressed with our second purchase from Diamonds USA
6/4/2009 My best jewelry buying experience ever!, Texas, USA
6/4/2009 Absolutely recommend, USA
4/24/2009 The ring appraised for about $1500 to $2000 more than the Diamonds-USA price! USA
2/2/2009 I like the diamond ring very much. Heinz, Germany
12/15/2008 The ring is really beautiful !, I'm proud of it. R.K. Netherlands
12/4/2008 Truly a customer satisfied with the service and products.-USA
11/30/2008 I am very happy with my purchase, I will recommend you. Alejandro, USA
12/2/2008 I received the beautiful diamond ring and pleased by the service .Micah, USA
11/30/2008 We look forward to conducting business with you again.Kathy, USA
9/20/2008 Diamonds-usa #1, came exactly as described/pictured with all documentation, USA
9/18/2008 one word review of my order experience with Diamonds-USA; Awesome!, Shawn, USA
7/15/2008 Great Customer Service. Juan Javier G. USA
7/5/2008 What can I say about their service? It was excellent!..Eloise C. USA
6/28/2008 ..special thanks for you very kind customer servrice... Denmark
6/4/2008 The experience and value is outstanding. I ordered an engagement ring and she loves it. USA
6/4/2008 They kept me informed ...and delivered what was bought well before my deadline.Michael, USA
6/1/2008 This is the second diamond purchase ... I could not be more pleased .Rick, USA
3/15/2008 My engagement ring is superb-absolutely beautiful! Italy
2/28/2008 ..a pleasant experience from beginning to end! Jennifer S. -USA
2/27/2008 emails and phonecalls were ALWAYS returned within 24 hours and often within 3-4 hours
2/25/2008 they did so promptly and with excellent quality at a very reasonable price.Jason CA. USA
2/25/2008 delighted with the quality of the purchase and the information given..
2/24/2008 It is the second time that i get a ring from have been helpful and super fast shipping. USA
2/20/2008 it was beautiful and as brillant loooking as a diamond can get...Florida, USA
1/24/2008 ...beautyful dimond ring!! It is even better then I expected.Jennie, Sweden.
1/8/2008 As a member of the military currently deployed,..The necklace was perfect, the diamond ..USA Army
1/7/2008 ..thank you for the great service...the perfect ring..Sasa, The Nederlands.
1/3/2008 The estimated value he gave( for the Journey Pendant ) was nearly twice what I had paid!..USA
12/6/2007 Le bijou est vraiment magnifique ---Il correspond parfaitement ?  mon attente et m??me au-del? .-France
12/4/2007 I was very pleased with ...quality of the stones the service and timeliness of the delivery. USA
10/24/2007 The size, .. more than I expected..Thanks for making this a nice experience!.Chris USA
9/15/2007 The engagement ring arrived and was brighter and better looking than expected.CA, USA
8/2/2007 ..they were amazed at the price and quality ..the clarity enhancement is warranted for life ..USA
7/17/2007 Thank you so much for my beautiful wedding band. It is absolutely gorgeous.Judy. USA
6/30/2007 It made me realize what ridiculous margins domestic jewelers are getting for their gems.
6/6/2007 Thank you for your very loyal service with purchasing my now, fiances' engagement ring. USA
6/1/2007 Im very please with the diamond earrings, Helena, Sweden
5/16/2007 ..The ring was better than expected..Chris I. Ottawa, Canada
4/13/2007 Thank you for the most beautiful engagement ring I have seen in my life, Vicki .AZ, USA
4/3/2007 if I could rate you 1- 10 you would be the 10 if i could give you stars you would have all five!
3/16/2007 The only thing prettier than the ring was my future brides smile the evening I gave it to her.
3/14/2007 The rings are beautiful..The delivery was excellent . Shanghai RP China
1/15/2007 I would have no hesitation in recommending potential customers to purchase from Diamonds-USA
1/12/2007 ..received the diamond pendant.. it is the single best experience I had this Holiday season. U.S.A
1/11/2007 I had a great experience with Diamonds-USA, the ring turned out beautifully and I would recommend...
1/8/2007 I can recommend your company and the Clarity Enhancement principle to anyone.M.W, Netherland
1/4/2007 Absolutely pleased with all the aspects of the diamond ring we recently bought.
12/31/2006 My fiance absolutely loved the engagement ring..certainly be using your services in the future.
12/31/2006 I thought that would take at least a week, but the diamond necklace arrived in less than 3 days.
12/31/2006 I have dealt with jewelers in the past, and have never witnessed this type of integrity or service
12/26/2006 I purchased a nice 3 stone emerald cut diamond ring for my wife...S. G. USA
12/24/2006 ..order the engagement ring Monday, needed it by Saturday and it was here by Thursday! -Wow !!
12/21/2006 Diamond earring purchase..not be apprehensive when buying from diamonds-usa as they are first class
12/21/2006 You kept me informed of every move the Diamond has made.. provided first class reliable service
12/20/2006 ...engagement ring we are both over the moon with the stone, the setting and your service
12/10/2006 Thank you for your superior customer service in my recent upgrade of a diamond.
12/5/2006 I am extremely pleased with the service and product you provide. Dan, USA
11/14/2006 Delivery was extremely quick and the money back guarantee was an added peace of mind
11/12/2006 Everyone thinks that I paid much more for this ring then I did.
11/12/2006 The engagement ring came exactly when you said it would and you had good communication
10/6/2006 The delivery was unbelievable fast (took only 3 days..) It arrived exactly in the day I need it.-USA
9/18/2006 I would consider it an honour to recommend your company to anyone considering buying diamonds online
9/26/2006's exactly what I wanted. Thank you for the great service! M. Novin, USA
9/14/2006 Absolutely fabulous experience, definitely my best on the net to date...David W.
8/31/2006 might be the best choice I have ever made in my life.--Mattew L. -Kentucky, USA
8/31/2006 It was truly a hassle free experience and I feel I came out way ahead of the game..S. Watson, USA
9/13/2006 Not only was it just what I ordered, but even was more pretty than I expected.-USA
8/31/2006 ..provided me with fantastic rings..excellent value.Extremely high standards..craftsmanship & stones
8/29/2006 My diamond earrings arrived without a hitch... The service extended was exeptional-a big thankyou!!
7/27/2006 Thank you most of all for the one-on-one customer service that you extended to me.Tyrone ,USA
8/1/2006 Thank you for saving me a bundle and for a job well done.-Phillip T. USA
7/3/2006 The ring was even more beautiful in person than on the site.Mark, USA
6/25/2006 I shopped on line for months before I "found" Diamonds-USA.
6/21/2006 ... the engagement ring arrived to me safely, and was exactely what i wanted. Paul
6/10/2006 Iam very happy with my wedding band!...the diamonds are amazing, they sparkle all the time.-GA, -USA
5/31/2006 I will never set foot in a franchise jewelry store again, this company sets high standards..CA USA
5/30/2006 The jewelry store repeatedly tried to talk me out of buying on the Internet...Eric K.-USA
5/27/2006 We wanted to thank was better than we expected! Shaun H.,-USA
5/23/2006 ..wonderful advice and service..the estimated value was more than double what I paid.-SWITZERLAND
5/19/2006 I am currently deployed to Iraq as a U.S. soldier.. I received the ring in record time considering
5/10/2006 ..everyone..including the appraiser thought it was a magnificent piece of handcrafted jewelry. -USA
5/14/2006 I am absolutely delighted with the fancy yellow diamond I bought from you.
4/18/2006 Thanks for being so helpful and informative,...the entire process easy and professional. Mark T, USA
4/19/2006 I can only describe both the product and service as absolutely superb. Ian Sharpe, Paphos , Cyprus
4/18/2006 I bought a loose diamond and had it mounted. Charles Dean, USA Army
4/12/2006 I received exactly what I saw ., .. has an excellent customer service.. they ship very fast,Marko Or
4/7/2006 I found that Diamonds-USA was.. better priced than ALL the other internet sellers! Arthur B.--USA
3/27/2006 Thanks for the great experience! --Aaron, USA
3/27/2006 I bought my first diamond from Diamonds-USA in 1999...Lena M., Brussels , Belgium
3/18/2006 The quality and price can not be beat.Your customer service is first..Christopher, IN, USA
3/18/2006 ..outstanding customer service and excellent communication..Alan, CA , USA
3/10/2006 The status of my engagement ring ..from purchase to shipping were updated in realtime ,K-USA
3/4/2006 One purchase was by wire transfer and one by credit card were without any difficulty-Fred H.,MD,-US
2/1/2006 Diamonds USA gave the best possible diamomd for my money.-Darryl J. MD USA
1/24/2006 Online I found lots of options, but really stood out from the crowd.-Mark W. USA
1/22/2006 ..terrific job with the quality of the ring and diamond and their service was great.-Errick, TX, USA
1/12/2006 gave me the best quality for the price. - Tyrell, Connecticut, USA
1/12/2006 We love our engagement ring! The entire buying, and shipping process was wonderful. - Paula, USA
1/10/2006 I have no doubt that I’ll be returning to Diamonds USA for my next diamond purchase. - Dave,CA, USA
12/27/2005 From one to ten - Diamond-USA came through as a ten!!!!! - Melanie, Maryland, USA
12/25/2005 The experiences I have had were hassle free and I would highly recommend ...James, MN, USA
12/25/2005 The representatives at Diamond-USA are both courteous and willing to help in any way.- Dennis, USA
12/21/2005 They deliver what they advertise. I am very satisfied with the experience. - Jorge Moreno, USA
12/7/2005 on my limited budget, I really couldn't have given my fiance the ring she got without Diamonds-USA,
12/2/2005 I was very pleased with their service and professionalism.-A. Hough Stafford, VA USA
11/30/2005 ..too good to be true, it probably is?” Well, Diamonds-USA is the exception to this rule.Mat, - USA
11/9/2005 I just received a beautiful diamond setting .it was all I expected and more!.Cathey, California,USA
10/23/2005 The service as well as the final product surpassed my expectations.Tim P. USA Armed Forces-AE
10/20/2005 The company clearly had the most economical and also the most honest deal around.,Greg,N.Y--USA
10/15/2005 thank you for your excellent service and quality workmanship...K.D --USA
10/13/2005 ..after shopping around locally I realized what a good deal I was getting.-Jodi, ALASKA,--USA
10/4/2005 It was a very pleasant experience ...diamond that was appraised for $4,250 dollars more--.D.K-USA
9/28/2005 It is a ring that dreams are made of!
10/4/2005 I was shocked to find the true value of this Asscher diamond when we insured it...Carrie M.--USA
8/25/2005 A very happy Customer!..CANADA
8/25/2005 ..For the price and clarity you cannot beat the price from Diamonds USA,...J.W --U.S.A
8/15/2005 After my order I was impressed with the personal attention, follow-up...Michael S.--U.S.A
8/14/2005 The three stone ring is gorgous; even after 3 weeks it still makes her cry. Toledo, USA
8/5/2005 ...the diamond is what they said it would be ---New-Zealand
8/3/2005 .. The service was awesome it appraised, it came in at more than double...Crystal S. , CANADA
7/31/2005 ...many jewelers in the city and none of them could come close to matching the price-Kent E.-CANADA
7/28/2005 Diamonds USA was not just a faceless internet store....Michael A.----U.S.A
7/4/2005 I would definitively buy from you again as it was such a nice experience.
6/29/2005 .. I was getting my fianc? a lot more diamond for the money..Kelly K. Oregon, USA
6/26/2005 fear not, diamond-usa is an incredible deal! Thanks for the quality and ease of buying-Steve A.--USA
6/21/2005 Le prix est 60% moins cher qu'en France dans une bijouterie....Jeff FRANCE
6/20/2005 The staff at Diamonds USA are very helpful and friendly....Helena D.__N.J USA
6/14/2005 ... Folks, I shopped around. I looked everywhere...Diamonds-USA cannot be matched..C.P Indiana, USA
5/2/2005 Diamonds-usa purchase turned out to be a great experience! ...Scott H. ---U.S.A
3/14/2005 the diamond looks way better than anything I have seen for twice the price in local jewellery stores
3/31/2005 Thanks to Diamonds-USA, I could surprise my fiance with a fantastic ring! --- (Tamas, CA)
3/14/2005 that the band and diamond combined was worth about double the amount i paid...N.Y , USA
3/14/2005 They go straight to the source and they have the diamonds shipped directly to you--Ohio, USA
2/9/2005 I bought my first diamond from Diamonds-USA in 1999 -- L. Mortensen, Belgium
2/27/2005 Thank you very much for the enjoyable experience -- R. Parrotte, USA
1/12/2005 ...I could pick from hundreds of affordable diamonds --- L. Hepworth,
1/19/2005 Diamonds USA is THE way to buy diamonds... --- S. Fitzpatrick, TX
1/20/2005 The savings, service, and quality can not be matched by anyone! ---T. Tindill, CA.
1/9/2005 My fianc? and I appreciate your kindness, patience, and professionalism ...Diana B.---San-Diego CA,
1/6/2005 "Thank you Diamonds-USA!" --- L. Gilleran, MD, USA
1/3/2005 "My wife was overjoyed!" --- J. Julius, Minnesota, USA
12/30/2004 I am extremely happy with my experience shopping with Diamonds-USA R.Steele ,OK USA
12/28/2004 diamond appraised at over 9,000 and I had only paid 5700.Thanks. Joey, Dallas TX
12/27/2004 I would recommend you to anyone who is in the market for a precious stone.V. Daskalov WI, USA
12/20/2004 ...I would have no hesitation in reccomending diamonds-USA - N. Smith, London
12/14/2004 ...I really recommend other to buy via ----Johan,__SWEDEN
12/7/2004 Your staff is professionel and friendly, and a pleasure working with! Autumn-CT, USA
12/6/2004 ...I would like to thank the team of Diamonds-USA for the engagement diamond---Casey B. New-Zealand
11/22/2004 "...The office staff was helpful and corteos beyond all expectation" -Mark WV,USA
11/15/2004 "My experience with Diamonds-USA has been nothing but pleasant..." - L.V. --- Seatle, USA
11/14/2004 As a Baron of the United Kingdom I whole heartedly endorse and recommend others to purchase from Dia
11/4/2004 "...I would not hesitate to purchase another ring from Diamonds USA in the future."Mike S. -CA, USA
10/24/2004 "...We need people like you in the business because there are not many of you out there" Dr. K -Ohio
10/14/2004 "...Thank you Diamonds-USA for the wonderfull gift that i gave to my future wife" - J.Crader-MO,USA
10/11/2004 "...I would gladly buy from Diamonds-USA again." Quan L. -Chicago IL, USA
10/17/2004 "...Thank you for such wonderful service and craftsmanship" - C. Lopez. CA,USA
9/12/2004 There is no reason to pay jewelry store prices-----B. O. Montana, USA
9/12/2004 ...and was made to feel that my order was important-- Jeffrey H.---CA U.SA
8/25/2004 "...I highly recommend familly,friendsand others to" carol,USA
8/25/2004 "...! That is what I call excellent after sales service" - l. Harris, Hampton England
7/19/2004 "...Diamonds USA made my day!!!!!" -- M. Negron -- CA,USA
6/10/2004 " quality and price" -- l. luck -- MS
5/25/2004 definitely had a great expeirience working with your company ---J. Flynn TN
5/21/2004 high standards in quality and a very good wholesale price on the jewelry---Paul P.Texas
5/21/2004 my jeweler could only say wow when I told him the purchase price --- d. kovachev Las Vegas
5/16/2004 We got the ring, my wife is so happy and I'm happy that it appraised for double... R. Hutchinson CA
5/7/2004 After opening your box I was speechless!!! --- T. G., Germany
4/27/2004 "I was pleased with the service I received from Diamonds-USA" --- P. Stafford --- NM
4/27/2004 "i coldn't be more pleased with the diamond we recieved" - G. Feruccio - FL
3/28/2004 "100% satisfied with the look and quality of the ring and the customer service"... P. Rossi-CA
3/28/2004 The ring is absolutely beautiful and the price was unbelievable!!! - Troy & Tina B. --- NY
2/22/2004 It was an absolute pleasure doing business with Diamonds-USA. ---W.E.L., Maine, USA
2/29/2004 High recommendation - Mr. and Mrs. T. Ley, USA
1/22/2004 "I can not thank you enough for the purchase I made and the professionalism" - Bob J. --CA.,U.S.A
12/25/2003 " The diamonds are beautiful and the workmanship is impeccable"--Austin, Texas, U.S.A
12/23/2003 "...I would buy from Diamonds USA again" --Graeme H. - United Kingdom
12/23/2003 "..similar diamonds in New York jewelry stores to be nearly twice as much" - Steve -NY,NY U.S.A
12/21/2003 "... It is the third time I buy a diamond or a ring from Diamonds-USA"--Lena M. --BRUSSELS , BELGIUM
12/17/2003 "... this was my second purchase from Diamonds USA" - Sophia J. Palm Springs,CA
12/7/2003 "... I am very happy with the service and quality" - Florida --U.S.A
12/7/2003 "...thank all of you for assisting us in such a kind and caring way - M&R H. --Austin, TX- USA
12/7/2003 " had better prices than I could purchase the diamond for anywhere else" - Ron K. - U.S.A
11/30/2003 "..the diamond I received ...was EXACTLY what I ordered"--Mike E. -AZ ,U.S.A
11/30/2003 "Thank you very much for making such high quality and very reasonable pricing".-Bill S.-U.S.A
11/4/2003 just a note to say thank you for the excellent service and excellent product.-=-Mark D. U.S.A
8/28/2003 ..customer service ..was second to none...
8/25/2003 David, thanks for a great experience -----------------H. Morris , USA
8/24/2003 Thank you for the Beautiful Diamond Engagement Ring... Antonio------Rhode Island U.S.A
8/21/2003 I would like to thank all of those at diamonds-usa for my beautfiul diamond-----Jim R.-California
8/21/2003 We are very very happy and will be back again ------------------------Louise & Paul.--Scotland.
8/7/2003 You had the best selection of loose diamonds at the lowest price out of all the places I looked
8/4/2003 I'm yet another customer returning to report that all the praise is true...Andrew -Scotland
8/1/2003 ..the diamond itself, the word breath taking does not even come close to describing it....Patrick W
7/22/2003 This 'concierge' type service made me feel like royalty-------J. Arima California , USA
7/10/2003 ... we are truly impressed with the way your company conducts business Robert B.---Florida USA
6/8/2003 husband was very skeptical and had to eat his words.---Sophia Joles California USA
6/13/2003 I am very pleased with my order experience with Diamond USA. Your customer service is excellent..
6/15/2003 Working with you was a real pleasure, and the ring is absolutely fantastic---Tomislav M.--Croatia
5/23/2003 I would recommend Diamonds USA
5/23/2003 ...the jeweller was amazed that we managed to purchase it for the price we did
5/14/2003 Other sites could not match the quality or price.
5/13/2003 ...With service like this, I’m sure you’ll continue to have many happy customers in the future..
4/15/2003 To say that I am pleased with the engagment ring ....would be an understatement.
4/14/2003 ...I received the diamond and I am amazed by how beautiful it is......Christian A. Prada, MD
3/27/2003 ..the depth of this Emerald Cut diamond not only adds better proportion and brilliance ..
3/30/2003 ...but after the transaction I was very satisfied ...
3/20/2003 ... I have heard horror stories about ordering online...
2/26/2003 Read what MSN wrote about us at "Dollar wise articles"
2/4/2003 is an absolute beacon of light visible from across the room...excellent service
1/29/2003 ..The customer care we received was excellent ... the price was excellent too..Gary & Carla.-England
1/27/2003 ...What I got was great service and a beautiful diamond retails for far more than.....
1/2/2003 ...Thank you again for the wonderful service you provided ...
12/20/2002 is the best value I could find(AND I AM A SHOPPER......
1/2/2003 "..the wonderful service you provided .."
12/19/2002 is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen.....
12/16/2002 congratulate Diamonds-USA on delivering on promise and gaining another satisfied customer
12/13/2002 ... Diamonds-Usa is a professional, upstanding and most of all, honest i
12/9/2002 ..Thank you so much.....memory I would not trade for anything.
12/7/2002 ".. I got better quality...and saved almost $10,000 dollars.."
12/9/2002 "..appreciate the personal assistance and thoughtful follow-ups...shipping was fast and secure.."
9/27/2002 ...This is my second purchase from Diamonds-USA...
9/2/2002 one was able to match, let alone beat the quality, price and the short delivery ...
12/3/2002 "...I am an Officer in the United States Marine Corps and currently ..."
11/28/2002 Diamonds-usa provided me with a brilliant diamond accompanied by excellent service
11/26/2002 "... I was truly amazed by the speed and efficiency of your shipping.."
11/21/2002 "....I have purchased Diamonds from Diamonds USA on three different occasions...."
11/20/2002 "...your service has been top notch.....and the Diamonds are A ONE ..."
11/4/2002 This site has the best value that we have found
10/11/2002 ...appraisal was 50% more than I had paid you ...
9/27/2002 ..... I'm very pleased with my experiences with these wonderful people and hope to do business with
9/2/2002 " one was able to match, let alone beat the quality, price and the short delivery date ..."
8/9/2002 "....The service I have received from all concerned had been impeccable. .."
8/8/2002 "... I cannot fault David Braverman and his team,..."
7/16/2002 "... The size and quality far exceeded what he imagined he could afford..."
6/17/2002 "...The ring was everything you described ...and more!...."
5/29/2002 "...your prices were better than any other was exactly what was promised on the website..
5/6/2002 "...I am very pleased with the service I received..."
5/3/2002 "... After getting it set the final appraisal was almost 2 1/2 times what I had paid for ..."
3/25/2002 "... This stone is exactly what it was supposed to be..."
3/29/2002 " doubt, is an honest online diamond and jewelry store!!..."
2/25/2002 "...Thank you so much!...You made buying a diamond so easy. ..I received a great deal ..."
2/21/2002 "... I won't even bother looking elsewhere....prompt delivery ..."
1/24/2002 "...I was able to get it in such short notice ..everyone is going crazy how brilliant that diamond
1/14/2002 "...It has been a great experience ...the price is worth twice of what I paid for!!! ..."
1/7/2002 "...There was no one that could come close to your prices are all wonderful people ..."
1/4/2002 "...I saved thousands of dollars over what I could have spent..."
12/19/2001 "... It was a refreshingly experience to buy my diamond from your company..."
12/14/2001 "....but your references checked out and obviously your reputation is well known. ..."
12/3/2001 "..My wife is ecstatic with her ring...My only surprise upon receipt was one of pleasure..."
11/10/2001 "It was a great experience purchasing an engagement ring from"
11/1/2001 "...Buying over the Internet was easier than I could ever imagine..."
10/24/2001 "...I ordered a nice one carat diamond and I am very pleased with my purchase..."
10/15/2001 "..I would have paid at least twice as much anywhere is the best place to buy diamonds"
6/12/2001 "..To top it all off, the diamond appraised for over twice what I paid for it..."
3/22/2001 "...They appraised for twice the amount I paid for the ..."
2/26/2001 "...The quality for the price was the best on the web ..."
2/7/2001 "..They sold me a quality diamond at a great price...did several months of research .."
1/24/2001 "...without a doubt was the best. source that I found.!!"
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Horario de Oficina: Dom.-Jue. 12:00-22:00 London time     Vie. 15:00-22:00 London time
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