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Round Loose Diamonds

Find Your Perfect Round diamond engagement rings

The traditional choice for all occasions and preferred by many for their personal investment portfolio. The depth percentage of a round diamond should range between 58 to 63 percent and the table percentage should range between 55 to 64 percent. The most desired percentages are the 60 percent, and perfectionists will look for depth of 59 through 62 percent and table of 56 through 58 percent. Round diamond is the best seller of all diamond shapes. The vast majority of sold diamonds are rounds. The round shape makes it easy to mathematically calculate the reflected light rays from it thus decide if a certain set of parameters of a certain diamond will yield the maximum reflected rays –the maximum brilliance That we call Ideal-Cut. There is no one superior cut that all others are inferior to it, there may be numerous combinations that yields an Ideal-Cut diamond. Even though they are called "Round", they are never 100% round but have a minimum and maximum diameter size as they are rounded by hand or machines rubbing diamond to diamond. A difference of up to 1.5% is acceptable.
Round diamonds are set in jewels by several techniques,
All round diamond sizes can be set in Bezel set, Rub Over set, Beads set and Pave set (comes from the word pavement).
Bigger diamonds, 0.10 to 0.20 can be set also in the classical Prongs setting.

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Diamond ShapeDetailsCarat WeightClarity ColorCertificateDiamond Price
SelectRound Loose DiamondsDetails1.07 Ct.VS2 C.E EGS/EGL US$1,819
SelectRound Loose DiamondsDetails1.17 Ct.VS2 C.E EGS/EGL US$2,223
SelectRound Loose DiamondsDetails1.17 Ct.SI3 C.E EGS/EGL US$1,755
SelectRound Loose DiamondsDetails1.29 Ct.SI1 EGL US$2,193
SelectRound Loose DiamondsDetails3.98 Ct.I2 Diamonds-USA US$1,990
SelectRound Loose DiamondsDetails0.14 Ct.SI1D Diamonds-USA US$238
SelectRound Loose DiamondsDetails0.17 Ct.SI2D Diamonds-USA US$265
SelectRound Loose DiamondsDetails0.18 Ct.SI2D Diamonds-USA US$281
SelectRound Loose DiamondsDetails0.38 Ct.SI1 C.ED EGL US$532
SelectRound Loose DiamondsDetails0.41 Ct.SI1 C.ED EGS/EGL US$681
SelectRound Loose DiamondsDetails0.41 Ct.SI2D EGL US$941
SelectRound Loose DiamondsDetails0.46 Ct.SI1D EGL US$1,173
SelectRound Loose DiamondsDetails0.50 Ct.SI1D EGL US$1,235
SelectRound Loose DiamondsDetails0.50 Ct.SI1D EGL US$1,235
SelectRound Loose DiamondsDetails0.50 Ct.SI2D EGL US$853
SelectRound Loose DiamondsDetails0.54 Ct.SI1D EGL US$1,334
SelectRound Loose DiamondsDetails0.56 Ct.SI1 C.ED EGS/EGL US$958
SelectRound Loose DiamondsDetails0.56 Ct.SI2D EGL US$1,042
SelectRound Loose DiamondsDetails0.58 Ct.SI1D EGL US$1,433
SelectRound Loose DiamondsDetails0.59 Ct.SI1 C.ED EGS/EGL US$1,121
SelectRound Loose DiamondsDetails0.60 Ct.VVS1D GIA US$3,000
SelectRound Loose DiamondsDetails0.60 Ct.SI2D EGL US$1,023
SelectRound Loose DiamondsDetails0.65 Ct.SI2D EGL US$1,231
SelectRound Loose DiamondsDetails0.65 Ct.SI2D EGL US$1,108
SelectRound Loose DiamondsDetails0.70 Ct.SI1D EGL US$2,226