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Custom Design Engagement rings

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What is CAD?

Until recently, Computer-aided design (CAD) was an expensive technology reserved to the aerospace and automobile industries. Today, specialist computer software can create precise designs in 3D of your Engagement ring. Sophisticated Art CAM equipment automatically carves your own custom design directly unto wax models for casting. This allows for elaborate designs that would be impossible to draw by hand.

Below is a cocktail set of a Diamond and Sapphires, ring and earrings created here at


Custom engagement rings, CAD Design System and Diamonds-USA

This new and exciting service allows our customers to create their own diamond jewels according to taste and specification. Once we receive sketches or images of your desired jewel, we create a 3D representation of it and send it to you by email for confirmation or further modifications.

Below is a collection of jewels Custom done by computer designed for our customers:


This service is useful for various purposes, including personal gifts for special occasions and diamond wedding rings made to make a pleasing fit with existing diamond engagement rings.

CAD designing is used to design any three dimensional object like cars and planes:

And Jewels:

Click HERE to start your Custom Engagement ring design

(Free service from Diamonds-USA)

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